Balancing Oil by Alex Carro skin care

Claudia Crovato

22 Aug

From Now On, We’ll Be Blending Our Own Skin Care Formulas

Minimum input and maximum result. That’s the way Barcelona-based natural skin care label Alex Carro rolls. The unisex beauty brand is all about mixing high-quality products and stripping beauty back to basics. The Carro capsule collection consists of five base products, which you can mix and match according to your skin care needs. This is the future of skin care, people! Time to get rid of all the unnecessary crap on your bathroom cupboards and let’s get blending.

More with less

With a handful of products, literally just five, Alex Carro reduces the skin care system to its bare minimum. The brand is all about quality over quantity, using premium ingredients straight out of nature. We’re talking formulas with essential oils from flowers, plants, fruits and even veggies. This is clean beauty at its very best!

Exfoliating powder Alex Carro skin care

You won’t find any anti-aging moisturizers or acne-reducing toners. Instead, all of their formulas are more “general” with quality ingredients that simply work for any skin type. Remember the movie Sisterhood of the traveling pants where one basic jeans fitted every girl? Well, Carro is pretty much the skin care version of that. No matter if you’re an oily, dry or combination gal, their products will work just fine for you.

Skin care sorcery

The Carro Skincare line includes a balancing face oil, facial cleanser of jojoba oil and petitgrain, an exfoliating powder with bamboo-extract, face cream and multi-use balm. See, this is where the fun starts. You can blend some of the formulas together to create an entirely new product. Let’s take the Alex Carro 2/5 Facial Cleanser as an example. Applying the cleanser on its own is already an action your skin will thank you for.

Multi use balm by Alex Carro skin care

However, somedays we all need that little extra care, right? Time to blend in the Alex Carro 1/5 Balancing Face Oil and boom… You’ve just created a calming face mask by yourself. Oh, and there’s more… If you’re really looking to achieve an ultra sensational soft skin, simply add the 3/5 Exfoliating Powder for a gentle face scrub. Seriously, this is pure skin care sorcery!


For those who are serious about their skin care (you all should, anyhow), Alex Carro is definitely a label to watch.

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