8 Sep

ALEXANDER WANG Announces New WANGSQUAD with Polaroids

Alexander Wang announced the official cast of their new Fall campaign with polaroid shots of the new faces on instagram. Amongst this dream team you’ll find big names who – we believe – deserve that spot more than anybody else. And one name we don’t totally agree with.

Looking back at their already released summer ’16 campaign on social media. We we’re not too amazed by the way the content was spread… on Instagram only. We honestly miss the times when big campaigns were more interactive towards the real world, not the only on the world wide web. But hey, that’s what high street and high end fashion labels are doing nowadays too. Communicating on platforms with the most reach.

The leaders of the new school

This season’s WANGSQUAD features a gang of supermodels like Binx Walton, Zoe Kravitz, Anna Ewers, Hanne Gaby, Issa Lish and more. The featured musicians, actors and artists were wisely chosen and do in fact fit the WANG lifestyle on all levels. All rising young creatives who made a big impact in pop culture as we know it now. From A$AP Ferg, Big Sean to Vince Staples, Alice Glass and RL Grime. Just to show a few of them, here you have 3 almost mugshots of the supermodels.


The one we don’t really agree with

Besides the artists, musicians and supermodels who worked their ass off to finally get a huge gig like this. You’ll find a certain Kylie Jenner on the #WANGSQUAD member’s list. A name we don’t really think entirely deserves that spot. Especially when you think highly of WANG as we do.

First of all, it’s only her 2nd high-fashion campaign she was able to participate in. After the Balmain campaign, we all suspect was a friendly favor to Kim.

Secondly, we are very aware that Kylie is working on earning her credit in the fashion business. She did an amazing job at her brother-in-law’s fashion show, who goes by the name of Kanye West. But other than that we think they should’ve waited for her to ripe a bit more in the fashion industry. Instead of throwing her in a pool full of inspiring individuals who are top notch.

We’ll no longer make you wait and show you this much-anticipated teaser of the new WANGSQUAD Fall 2016 campaign. Featuring the song “Strive” by ASAP Ferg.


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