Lucas Palmans

15 Dec 2020

AMA: “I’m Indecisive, Loving and Playful”

2020 is finally coming to an end (hallelujah), which means we can look out for the stars of tomorrow. The British singer AMA is definitely on our radar. Earlier this year she released a stunning EP PIXELHEART, but apparently, that wasn’t enough. A few weeks ago she dropped her last single “Facts”, which will be featured on her new EP that is settled to come out next year.

How was it to be an artist in 2020?

It kinda sucked. Usually, when I’m making music, I’m with producers and doing sessions. This year I’ve been writing at home on my own, which is fun and good, but the whole production side of things is just harder. Hopefully, I’ll be doing some more sessions next year.

You’re called the next big thing, how does that feel?

I really like that, because I believe in my music a lot, so it feels good that people also feel that and appreciate it. I’m definitely not afraid. Music is what I love to do and is something that helps me express myself. Throughout lockdown, it had just been me and my mum and we’ve had a conversation about the fact that I don’t communicate about how I feel mentally and emotionally. I think music is a safe space for me to let my emotions out. It’s like therapy, a second mom.

Isn’t it strange that you’re breaking through after a tourless year?

It’s kind of sad because I couldn’t do a lot of shows. That would have been an opportunity for me to grow as an artist. Last year I wasn’t really doing a lot of live shows, but this year was going to be the first year where I was going to enter that world. I’m excited to do it hopefully in the future.

Did you ever expect to become this big so fast?

I had this conversation with a lot of my friends. There’s a constant craving for more. I don’t think I’ll ever look at myself as big. I think things are going slow and steady. I’m grateful for every acknowledgment and everyone who discovers my music. It’s so nice to see that I was in people’s Spotify Wrapped, even as someone’s number one artist. That to me is the biggest achievement. I have those artists for myself and for me to see that I’m that person for somebody else, that’s really cool. Things can just fall into place, it’s a nice feeling.

Your new single “Facts” has been blowing up the last few weeks… how do you feel about that?

It’s a good feeling! I don’t try to focus on numbers too much, because I feel like that can be a bit toxic. My mum reminded me to celebrate when things are going well. I’m excited to put more music out!

When I was writing this song, I wanted to be really honest. I’m not the biggest astrology person, but I’m a Taurus, so I’m very stubborn, which makes sense. I need to hear things straight and clear. That’s good because if you got an idea and you believe in it, you’ll stick to it.

A few years ago, you said you didn’t really have a plan; do you have one now?

I have an overall dream, but I think I’ll just go with the flow. Especially with music, you don’t have to overthink it. I don’t know what my plan is for the next year. I’ll just be writing a lot more stuff. Next year I’ll definitely lock-in with a few producers and just work. I don’t schedule things.

You said you made your last EP to have fun on stage, but you couldn’t do that. Did that influence the process of the next one?

It sucks! On the next EP, there are some songs that are more emotional and mellow. For a lot of the tracks like “Facts”, you could still have some fun performing it. With the world being so depressing right now, the last thing I need to do is release more depressing music.

A lot of the stuff that I’ve been writing lately has some heavier topics. I think that’s probably the main shift from lockdown for me and my writing. I’ve been writing about the mental challenges that young people face. All of those emotions from lockdown like loneliness and sadness… even happiness. All of my emotions are extreme during Covid, so I think that affects my writing.

What is your biggest goal for 2021?

I want to drop a lot of music. I’ve got so many demo’s right now… all my songs are production-wise incomplete because I’ve just been writing on my own. Maybe I’ll drop an album, a mixtape… I don’t know. I just want a bigger project. There’s nothing else for me to do but write.

Maybe I’ll tour because it’s exciting to know that people keep an eye on me. I’m getting a platform and that’s really nice. Hopefully, Covid-wise it can happen.

How would you describe yourself in three words?

Indecisive, loving, and playful. When something is a minor decision and there’s a lot of options, it takes me forever.

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