Maxim Meyer-Horn

28 Nov 2021
Film & TV

Angèle’s New Netflix Docu Will Make You Fall in Love With Her (Even More)

Angèle Van Laeken’s journey always came across as a true fairytale. Her career skyrocketed after the sudden success of her debut single “La Loi de Murphy” and her Instagram covers became instant classics. Not much later, her debut album ‘Brol’ became one of the best-selling albums of the year, and her popularity rose with sold-out shows and big festival appearances as a consequence. How fun and beautiful it all seemed, it impacted the young singer a lot. In her intimate Netflix-docu ‘Angèle’, the Belgian phenomenon gives us an insight into her emotions, the past years, and tries to find an answer to who she is.

We’ve already seen many Netflix documentaries about pop stars, but only a few managed to capture an authentic portrait of an artist like in ‘Angèle’. Instead of trying to sell an album or anything else, directors Sébastien Rensonnet and Brice VDH tell Angèle’s story with much care for different aspects.

Grounded superstar

Even though we often think that the life of a superstar is glamourous and exciting, Angèle shows us the reverse of the medal. The documentary shows how her breakthrough impacted her mental health and made her even question if being a singer is something she wants to do for the rest of her life. A bit later, we see how her first tour with Damso shaped her as an artist and helped her become the performer we see on the stage now.

Raw and honest

The documentary sees Angèle open up about topics she hasn’t ever talked about before. While her song “Balance Ton Quoi” became an anthem for feminism, her brother was accused of sexual assault and put her in a difficult situation. Earlier in her career, an unapproved picture of her became a hot topic in the tabloid press. The publication in Playboy Magazine caused a lot of change in her career and resulted in her being very careful with the press.

Her relationship with the press didn’t get better when a TV host publicly outed the singer. Even though she tried to keep her relationship with a woman out of the public eye, she was suddenly confronted with a new kind of pressure. In these moments, the documentary gives such a raw and honest image of a singer that you fall even more in love with her. Angèle doesn’t want to be perfect and that’s what makes her so adored.

The documentary ‘Angèle’ is available on Netflix. Her highly-anticipated second album ‘Nonante-Cinq’ will be released on 10 December.

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