25 Jul

Should We Applaud Nike for Using Plus-Size Models?

Nike is receiving high praise after posting a sports bra ad on Instagram with a plus size model. The post, captioned “Welcome to Sports Bra 101” offered tips for picking the appropriate sports bra. But it was model Paloma Elsesser who stole the show, posing for the photo in a jog bra and leggings. It is definitely a step in the right direction, but is it enough?

People on the internet were quick to react to the situation. They pointed out that Nike isn’t making bras and leggings for plus-size girls. Nike reacted by saying they’re constantly improving their collections. Which is a pretty lame answer if you ask us.

Another theory of ours is this one: we think brands are often just using plus-size models to get free (positive) publicity. Let’s be honest! Whenever a brand is using a plus-size model in a campaign, it is all over the newspapers, magazines and social media. Because of that, those brands get loads of free publicity and coverage. So, we think that brands are seeing the plus-size models as a cheap way to get publicity. Don’t get us wrong, it’s definitely a good thing to feature plus-size models once in a while. We just don’t like it when megabrands like Nike use a plus-size model without even offering bigger sizes in their collections. It’s a little hypocritical.

Is Nike actually improving things or is this just a marketing stunt?

Sadly, only time will tell. We would love to believe they are actually improving things, but we are thinking the lather. After all, Nike is a pretty conservative sportswear brand when it comes to fundamental ideas.
A gorgeous example of a ‘big girl campaign’ is the #ImNoAngel campaign by Lane Bryant (see pic above). The latest campaign of the American lingerie line includes plus-size girls ONLY of all colors.

Photo sources: plus-size-modeling.com, Nike.



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