Bag trends FW19 Yuzefi


14 Sep

Are Traditional Designer Bags Being Replaced by These Newcomers?

With the arrival of brands such as Wandler and Staud, a fresh wind blew through the bag business. For the first time in many years, the traditional designer bags got real competition by up and coming labels that convinced us with original designs, good quality and acceptable price tags. This evolution keeps on gaining territory with emerging brands being offered a platform via social media and big webshops such as 24 Sèvres.


It Overdose

The past few weeks we had to cope with another It bag overdose while Louis Vuitton handed out its latest Multi Pochette to a selection of Million-Follower influencers. No doubt that this marketing approach works, we all lived through the Dior Saddle bag mania. However, don’t we get tired of a bag before it even reaches the store? And most of all, aren’t we looking for an original item to complete our look instead of a status symbol everyone has?

The classic designer bag overdose and a search for individuality amongst a certain group of people contributed to the rise of interesting newcomers.

Meet the Newcomers

Yuzefi, Demellier, Little Liffner, Danse Lente, C.Nicol, Mashu, The Sant are all relatively new accessory brands designed and established by women. The fact that there are so many of them gaining success means the demand was big. Just to give an example: Danse Lente sold more units on their first day on Moda Operandi than any women’s accessory brand, ever.

It seems that rather than wanting a status symbol, certain women are looking for an original companion to complete their look. Also the price tag is an interesting advantage. While a classic designer bag easily costs 1000€ – 2000€ or more, smaller brands will ask 400€ – 600€ for an example of the same quality.

Shop the collections via Avail, 24 Sèvres and Net-a-porter

Caro Daur wearing the Multi Pochette from Vuitton

Bag trends FW19 Demellier

Oslo bag from Demellier

Bag trends FW19 Yuzefi

Dolores bag from Yuzefi

Bag trends FW19 The Sant

Mini Kinchaku Brown from The Sant

Bag trends FW19 Little Liffner

Open Tulip Tote from Little Liffner

Bag trends FW19 Danse Lente

Danse Lente bags

Bag trends FW19 C.Nicol

Barrel bag from C.Nicol

Bag trends FW19 Mashu

Anais bag from Mashu

Photo credits: Yuzefi, Demellier, Little Liffner, Danse Lente, C.Nicol, Mashu, The Sant, Caro Daur

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