8 Feb

Ariana Grande’s New Album ‘Thank u, Next’ Is Slick, Smooth and Powerful

Ariana Grande is without any doubt pop world’s biggest star at the moment. After releasing her extremely successful album ‘Sweetener’ in August, Ari is already back with her new album ‘Thank you, Next’. Not long before her long awaited ‘Sweetener World Tour’ kicks off, fans have twelve more reasons to look forward to her new show. Sold out shows around the globe can’t be lying… Ariana is a real star and she delivers once again.

Prior to the release, Ari already released three big songs that broke records. “thank you, next” made history thanks to an iconic music video and an astonishing amount of Spotify streams. Album opener “imagine” stil keeps us dreaming (that whistle tone though) and her most recent single “7 rings” is currently one of our favorite songs. Our expectations were high, but Ariana didn’t disappoint.

Our favorites

Thank u, Next proves that Ariana Grande knows how to elevate her sound. Every single song on the album is extremely smart produced and never misses a beat. “NASA” has the potential to become the underrated fan favorite, “bad idea” can be her next smash hit and “make up” is the song everyone will put on when getting ready for a party. Album closer “break up with your girlfriend, i’m bored” is another fierce pop song that stays in your head for hours.

Ari’s new album doesn’t have a lot of surprises, but the slick and smooth songs are powerful and exciting. The American goddess is on her way to become a real legend and Thank u, Next is the next big step the singer is taking. Let’s see when Ariana Grande will surprise us with her next album…


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