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30 Mar

Ashnikko: “I Don’t Aspire to Be a Popstar”

The American singer Ashnikko was the insider tip for every hyper pop fan for a while but became a viral sensation thanks to legendary songs like “Daisy” or “STUPID”. On her debut mixtape ‘DEMIDEVIL’, she’s being her unapologetic self and blows everyone away with her groundbreaking song production. We’ve had a zoom chat with Ashnikko, who was in the great company of her adorable puppy Lady Wednesday, and talked about her pop monument.

Was the writing process of DEMIDEVIL as fun as it is to listen to it?

It was a long process. I don’t really sit down and say, “Now, I’m gonna write an album!” Some people do, which is an interesting writing process that I wish I could do too. I had to write hundreds of songs to get good ones. I have a lot of bad songs floating around out there … Over the course of three years full of studio sessions, I wrote the ten songs of DEMIDEVIL. Some were written six months before the release, some were made already three years before the release. It’s just a collection of songs that I found nice together.

DEMIDEVIL is a collection and symbiosis of many different genres. What kind of feeling or vibe do you want to evoke with the project?

To sum it all up in one sentence is to do a disservice to all the work that I’ve put into writing the mixtape. I want people to feel it in their chest or just feel it in general. That’s all I can say, which is a very vague answer for you.

You’ve made a rework of Avril Lavigne’s “Sk8er Boi”. Are you planning to record your own version of other iconic songs?

Yeah absolutely! Everyone has a special place in their heart for songs they grew up on. It’s what excited you in music and shaped you as a person. Everyone feels nostalgic about the songs they grew up on, and the songs that I grew up on were songs that made me want to become a musician. I have a whole catalog of songs that I’m planning on remaking in my own style.

Many media outlets named you the ultimate 21st-century pop star. How would you define that term?

I don’t really care about what people call me. I don’t aspire to be a popstar and just want to make music that I’m proud of. I want to make art and be creative. It’s still sick and pretty cool that people call me that, but I don’t really have feelings about the word. I’m just really glad that people are listening to my music.

You’ve already worked with some big artists. What’s the key to a good collaboration for you?

Sometimes I go to sessions with big names and there’s no chemistry there because they aren’t giving me any love. I just love to make songs with my friends. If we’re friends, we can laugh and hang out after the sessions, we’re going to make good music. I know that.

If you could make a deluxe version of DEMIDEVIL, what kind of extra dimension would you like to add to the mixtape?

That’s a good question because I haven’t given it much thought to what I exactly would add to it. I potentially have some real heaters that I want the world to hear ASAP, so I’ll see if we make it happen.

You seem to be obsessed with the color blue. Why is it the color you use most frequently? Does it have a special meaning?

It’s calm—the color of the sky—and I just really like the color. I don’t know how to explain it because it doesn’t go deeper than that.

If you could create your own planet, what would it look like and who would walk around there?

It would definitely be eco-friendly, and we would live in harmony with nature. We’d also worship our nature like a god because god is nature. The world would also be run by women, most definitely … kindness and compassion above all. We’d also take more time to enrich ourselves instead of being so obsessed with productivity and obviously fuck capitalism!

What song of DEMIDEVIL would you pick as the national anthem of your own universe?

I don’t really have national-anthem kinds of songs, do I? Maybe “Daisy”?

Or what do you think about “Deal With It”, our favorite of the mixtape?

Thank you! I just don’t know because that’s a break-up song, and I don’t know if that encapsulates my whole “peace and love, living in harmony with nature.” I wish I’d have an ode to trees on the mixtape, but I don’t.

As you seem very engaged with nature, would you write a song about it?

I was literally just thinking that I should write a song about trees. Maybe a love song between two trees that are touching roots. That would be so romantic. To make it more tragic and heartbreaking, I’d probably add a wildfire, and they’re still holding roots. That sounds like a beautiful idea.

DEMIDEVIL is out on all platforms.

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