Astrid Andersen FW18 Runway Show in London


8 Jan

Our Favorites from Astrid Andersen’s fw18 Runway Show in London

For its FW18 collection, the Danish-born fashion house was triggered by the mid 80’s Buffalo-era.


Throughout the years enfant terrible Astrid Andersen has been a steady source of inspiration, for us and many others. Season after season, she redefines her streetwear pieces by inviting in new influences. Think baggy workwear, fleece tops, tracksuits and all of the above. Her signature style came through but reworked with richer fabrics and a hint of Texas (referring to the cowboy hats). Moreover, we truly loved how she stuck to her basics: wide-leg pants.

As an army of boys and girls walked the Astrid Andersen runway, we were captivated by the silky puffer jackets, full-zip hoodies, and all kinds of plaid-sur-plaid garments. Yet still, left hungry and wanting for more.

Photo credits: Vogue Runway

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