1 Dec

The Award of Most Omni-Present Fall/Winter Trends Goes to…

Every season there are a few trends more present on Instagram and Pinterest than others. This fall/winter the awards go to the big five mentioned underneath. Why these are winners seems pretty obvious and might have something to do with esthetics. If you haven’t made your Christmas wish list yet, you might consider adding an item or two. However, when being kind of unique is what you aim for we suggest you keep on looking for a next best thing.

1. Teddy Coats

The Autumn of 2017 was filled with Teddy’s on the streets. We saw it coming last year and right about now there’s just no escape. If you want to go for the real deal there’s only one name you need to keep in mind: Max Mara. Two grand and this epic coat can be yours. When you don’t have this kind of money at the moment, cheaper variants are to be found almost everywhere.

2. Gucci Fanny packs

We’ve never see more GG Marmont logos throughout the entire history of Gucci than the past seasons. Now also available on this cute little fanny pack.

 3. The Prince of Wales

With all the royal wedding shizzle going on, we’ve forgotten that this name also belongs to a specific kind of check. If you haven’t bumped into a blazer, coat, pair of trousers or a scarf decorated with this print the past months, you clearly live on another planet. Or you’re just not that into fashion… we get that.

4. Sweatpants

Sweatpants were still everywhere… This season we preferred the more dressed ones instead of the trashy 90’s revivals. It was fun for a little while but it’s time to move on.

5. Anything velvet

We had the impression that velvet was on its way back but it might still take a while…

Photo credits: Pinterest

Trendsetter Teddy Coat

Teddy coat

Most omni present fw17 trends

Prince of Wales check

Omni present fw17 trends velvet


Gucci Fanny Pack

Gucci belt bag

Gucci Fanny Pack

Gucci belt bag




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