4 Mar

Our Thoughts on Balenciaga Supporting the World Food Programme

While many fashion labels keep on heading in the same direction, apart from designers that come and go, Balenciaga always seems to have a new story to tell. Since Demna Gvasalia ended up at the creative helm, it’s one of the most talked about brands. There was the high-end replica of the Ikea bag, a sold-out pair of (literally) heavy dad sneakers and a platform remake of the ugliest shoes in human existence.

This time there weren’t any particular items the general public could whine about but a good cause instead. For FW18, Balenciaga teams up with the World Food Programme to support its mission of ending hunger by 2030. As specified on Balenciaga.com:

“From August 25, 2018, until February 1, 2019, we will donate 10 percent of the sale price of each WFP-branded product sold in all stores and online as well as 10 percent of the suggested retail price via interested business partners carrying these products worldwide. In addition to this, we have already donated US$250,000 to support WFP in its mission to save lives and change lives around the world. All donated funds will be used according to greatest needs.”

Fashion vs The Good Cause

Balenciaga surely isn’t the only, let alone the first, label to support anything or anyone. Stella McCartney is an anchor when it comes to animal rights, Alexander Wang sold the “Do Something” T-shirts in 2015, Burberry just recently revealed the rainbow check and announced to be supporting three LGBTQ+ charities. Also, there are hundreds of brands worldwide that fully dedicate their business to helping others.

You’d think it’s all a marketing stunt and partially it is. Brands could also choose to give to charity behind the scenes without communicating about it. However, if they’d go for that option, none of the Balenciaga fans would’ve probably heard about the World Food Programme. On top of that, it will also motivate a group of people to support a certain good cause. People that would normally never just wire an amount of money to, for example, the WFP. So we can only support brands such as Stella McCartney, Burberry and Balenciaga to speak openly about this matter. It will definitely be an eye-opener for their fans.

Last but not least… we hereby predict that the WFP print will be sold out within hours next season. Pay us a beer if we’re right!

Photo credits: Vogue Runway

Balenciaga World Food Programme

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