Banks stopped time at the Altar tour


3 Mar

Banks stopped time at the Altar tour

Banks’ concert is possibly the best one I went to this year. If it wasn’t for my friend Diego I would never have seen Banks perform at TRIX in the first place. The 27-year young American singer who goes by the government name of Jillian Rose Banks officially stole my heart.

First of all, you have to know that I didn’t really have a clue what her music was all about. And to be frankly honest I was pleasantly surprised to witness how powerful she is on stage. In other words, she killed it!

Nonetheless, I went to her concert with an open heart. Ready to receive the musical message of the day. And at the end of Banks’ super dope performance, I was a fan. Not only of her music but she seemed like one of those singers with a cool personality.

Finally, I had found refreshing new musical talent, something I was looking for since nor Beyonce or Kanye are bringing out new music. So once again thank you, Diego, for an unforgettable experience.

Drop your phones

In the 2 hours, she was owning the place, Banks had her crowd going wild and she definitely knew when to keep us still and silent too. What marked me during the show is how at a certain point Banks kindly asked her audience to put away their phones in order to bond on a deeper level. With all the respect we, the crowd, locked our iPhones and androids. It literally felt like time stopped. And from that moment on we could really enjoy the show and clearly understand all of the lyrics. I even went that far to dance along with the background dancers. With their very artistic and expressive choreography alone they scored major points.

The Altar

Personally, her golden voice touched an emotional spot I didn’t know I had. It was so moving I had goosebumps all over my body and I think I felt a tear drop when I heard her singing “Mind games”. Almost everything about the show knocked me off my feet. Especially her angelic voice singing songs like “Fuck with myself”, “Weaker girl”, “Gemini feed” and oh god “Poltergeist”, all joints from her latest album ‘The Altar’. The female singer didn’t do many outfit changes but the pieces she wore that night were on point. She was wearing a latex top with long fringes and at a particular moment, she flaunted a huge Yeezy like parka. Girl, yasss!

Sharing music is important

This is Diego writing, Jon’s above-mentioned friend. And allow me to be happy. Thrilled even. When you learn that a friend of yours discovered a new favorite artist through your help, that is SO fulfilling and satisfying. It is actually thé reason why I talk (and write a lil’) about music in the first place. It gave me the chills to read the above review and it further confirms my belief that sharing music is important. So thank YOU, Jon. You truly made my day.

As for Banks, she was great and deserves all the attention she is getting. She’s a rough diamond in the works that manages to shine a little more with every release. Who gets more mature and self-confident with every performance. So I fully support Jon’s enthusiasm. If she now manages to take that one step further and get rid of that background tape on which she relies a wee bit too much, the superstar fame will be near and merited.

Photo credits: Robin Joris Dullers for ENFNTS TERRIBLES


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