Haircare Redken sun care shampoo


20 Apr

Beach hair, do care!

We know by now that sunscreen is a must (thanks again Baz Luhrmann). But how about that beach hair? Not every single person is blessed with a classic Rapunzel hairdo. An overdose of salt, sand and sun makes you quickly look like an eighties background dancer. Unless that’s the main purpose in your life, we suggest you just continue reading.

Step 1: Choose the right shampoo

Many brands have an after-sun shampoo on the market nowadays. One of our favorites is the Color Extend Sun one from Redken. It easily gets rid of traces of chlorine, salt and whatever ends up in your hair after a long day of relaxing on holiday. Tested and approved.

Also an option is buying a good intense repair shampoo before leaving on vacation. We often use the Susanne Kaufmann one when reaching another hair crisis. Works perfectly all year long.

Haircare Redken sun care shampoo
Beach hair protection nourishing shampoo
Beach hair do care

Step 2: extra protection and aftercare

For the ladies and gentlemen whose locks can use some extra protection, go for an oil while you’re sunbathing. L’Oréal Pro has a great one on the market called Solar Sublime. It provides instant protection for your hair during sun exposure and prevents it from becoming dry.

A last important tip: never forget the aftercare. Definitely during summer it’s recommended to use a mask every few days. Not only to help you detangle your hair, a mask will also nourish those locks more intensely.

Photo credits: Redken, Blos-Shop, L’Oréal Pro, Pinterest 

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