Paulien Eeckels

6 Jul 2019

Here Are Your Beauty Essentials for Summer 2019

Summer is definitely upon us. Where we are there is currently a heat wave … and we’re dying. If the weather stays like this all summer, tits will be out all summer. But if you’d like to stay fancy while your tits are out, take a look at our summer beauty essentials!

Face Mist

Noting as refreshing as a face mist during a sweat session. And if you don’t really believe in a face mist, you have to know that it’s more than just water in a fancy bottle. First of all, it refreshes and hydrates your skin, since the sun dries your skin out, this is the perfect hydration. Don’t be scared to try this because you have oily skin, there is nothing to worry about. Because if you choose your face mist carefully, it actually helps control the oil production. If you’re more a dry skin type-of-person, you have to look out you don’t mist too often with water-only sprays, because that can make your skin even drier.

What’s really amazing about this multifunctional product, it won’t mess up your makeup. On the contrary, most face mists even work as setting spray. If you use this product wisely during your make-up routine, you could even get more out of this product. If you use it between your moisturizing and makeup, you’re sealing the moisturizer while creating a dewy skin look. But you can also use them as makeup primers. Talking about a summer beauty essential!

Summer Beauty Essentials
Summer Beauty Essentials

Go (sort of) naked

Sweaty skin and makeup are, most of the time, not a good combination. Your foundation moves around during the day, your eyebrows and eyelashes melt of … not a good look if you ask us. So, during summer some days it might essential to tone down the makeup. Instead of using a foundation that will end up looking cakey, use a tinted moisturizer. During summer you have that extra glow anyway, so for most people that will do the job! But there are some other products you can leave out of your makeup routine, like blush (who needs that when you’re as red as tomato anyway?) and highlighter. Because of your sweat, you’re more shiny than normal, so adding more shine to your face leaves you most of the time looking like a disco ball. Adding a lip gloss however, can be very beautiful during the summer. That extra pop of glitter makes you shine like an angel in the sun. Opt for an hydrating one, as your lips easily dry out becouse of the sun.

Hair accessories

Ladies and gents with long hair will feel me on this one. A sweaty neck because of your long locks or sweaty hairs falling in your face … it is not a great feeling. Luckily for us, there are options! Headbands, hair clips, and scrunchies will be your essentials during summer 2019. And if you need some inspiration, we recently talked about the amazing Amsterdam brand “Atelier Des Femmes”. They have some amazing pieces that will definitely come in handy during heat waves.

Atelier Des Femmes Must Have Hair Accessories

Atelier Des Femmes

summer beauty essentials

Give your body a glow

If you don’t like to show skin during summer or you just don’t really like your skin for whatever reason, you can always glam it up to feel more confident. There are multiple options to give your skin that extra glow. First of all, you can use a fake tan, or use a body lotion with fake tanner in, so your skin looks more tanned. Especially at the beginning of summer when you’re not that tanned yet, this is perfect! If you’re happy with your skin color but not with the glow, you can use a body shimmer. And there are lots of body shimmers out there, our favorite? The Fenty Beauty Body Lava.

If you’re dealing with a skin disease or you want to cover your skin a bit more, Kim Kardashian recently launched her own K.K.W. Skin Perfecting Body Foundation, with additional powders and shimmers. It’s also important to hydrate your skin during summer, so just a normal body lotion – preferable with Aloe Vera – after a refreshing shower is a step you must not forget. This way your tan stays even longer when summer is over. If neither of these does the job for you, you can always opt for a maxi dress. That way you still look fabulous and maybe a bit more comfortable without dying from the heat.

Take care of your feet

No, we’re not talking about Instagram. We mean those gross things at the end of our legs. If we have to believe Kylie Jenner’s Instagram, toe rings are the next summer essential. We’re not really here for a ’00s comeback, but we must admit, these little toe rings looked really cute. Other cute accessories to pimp your feet are ankle bracelets. Getting a fresh pedicure is another way to polish your feet. If you are an open-shoe-lover, painted toenails are so much more pleasing to look at. Nothing grosser than messy feet, am I right? Also, when you go to the pool or to the beach and you’re wearing nothing more than your swimwear, painted nails give you that extra flair.

Summer Beauty Essentials
Summer Beauty Essentials

Protect your hair and skin

So, we did an article about how important it is to protect your skin during summer and gave you a list of our favorite organic sunscreens. And we did an article about how important it is to take care of your hair during summer. And we will say it again: take care of your skin and hair during the summer! It is very, very, very, – and we cannot stress this enough – very important to protect your skin and hair against the dangers of the sun. And not only when you’re in the sun because aftercare is also very important. Give your skin and hair extra attention during your shower, take the time to give it some extra love and moisture. You won’t regret it!

Photo credits: Pinterest and Atelier Des Femmes

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