Beauty Sleep Routine


19 Nov

Beauty Sleep 101 – 3 Secrets to Dreamy Skin in the AM

Unless puffy eyelids and pillow face are the next huge beauty trend, you might not necessarily wake up red carpet ready. But if you believe that waking up with dull, lifeless skin is just naturally part of ‘early mornings’, you might want to think again. Because the truth is that you can work your way to fresh, rejuvenated looking skin in the AM, and here’s how.

1. Go boujee, opt for silk pillowcases

Pillow marks… they make you look like you’ve been sleeping in the pits of hell, and the worst part is that they take forever to fade. Yes, they’re harmless, but do we really want that look? If you’re a true veteran, teaching yourself the habit of sleeping on your back is something you’ll thank yourself for. This won’t only avoid pillow marks, but will also prevent premature wrinkles. If you’re one to sleep in a specific 75-degree angle, with legs wrapped, head dug into pillow, you might want to look for an easier approach. That’s where silk pillowcases come in, they’re gentle and there’s a bonus: it feels pretty rich.

Beauty Sleep Routine

2. Sleeping masks: a late-night snack, but for your skin

No, we’re not advising you to sleep with a sheet mask on, however, there are masks specifically created to keep on overnight. You might cringe at the thought of sleeping masks, afraid that it’ll be too heavy and pore clogging or create a mess on your pillow. But the good news is, sleeping masks are specifically composed to feel light and comfortable during the night. Their main goal is to keep your moisture levels at bay, since we lose a lot of water when asleep. It’s that lack of moisture that results in dull, lifeless looking and feeling skin when we wake up and a sleeping mask will fix that. Thanks to it being a huge trend for the past few years, you can find the perfect mask for your skin at every different price point.

Beauty Sleep Routine

3. Kick the bad habits

Unfortunately, not all good things can be put in a Sephora cart, for some, you’ll have to actually put in some work. There are a few mistakes you make before bed, that have a big impact on how you wake up. One of them is the amount of sleep you get. “Getting eight hours of sleep, in this economy?” Yes, it’s tricky, and there will always be nights where it’s unavoidable to stay up late. But it’s more about those nights where you stay up late because you’re endlessly scrolling on the gram. Those memes can wait (there I said it), try to get as much sleep as you can when you actually can.

Also, that three-course late night meal that you want to consume at midnight? Is it worth the three in between-brow pimples that you’ll be facing in the morning? Try to plan your meals earlier in the evening. The things you eat, do impact your skin and especially when you indulge in way too many sugary or greasy snacks way after bedtime.

Overwhelmed? Try introducing one thing at a time and work your way to the evening routine that your AM-self will thank you for. Waking up and looking refreshed and well-rested is definitely worth the effort.

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