Maxim Meyer-Horn

20 Feb

Behind The Scenes At Meyy’s ‘Famous’ Music Video Shoot

In 2019, we discovered a young and upcoming pop singer we immediately saw a great future in. Meyy didn’t disappoint with her debut EP ‘Spectrum’, but instead of rushing new releases, she took her time to reinvent herself as an artist. With a new sound and a new team, she’s reintroducing herself with her hyper pop ballad “Famous”. We’ve got some exclusive BTS footage that shows what went down during the shoot of the music video.

In the visuals of “Famous”, Meyy shows her full potential as an artist and creative soul. Her soulful voice gets another dimension in the track thanks to the trap beat, and the accompanying clip rings in a new era in her career.

Birth of a phenomenon

The brilliantly staged shots and choice of color give the whole video an elegant but also very sensual twist. The romantic tension in Meyy’s visuals and the great cast splatters from the screen, and it feels like we’re witnessing the birth of an international phenomenon.

To upgrade the visual experience, Meyy decided to collaborate with the multi-disciplinary Art Direction platform Lacuna Studios. The centerpiece of the music video is — besides Meyy — a sofa. The artsy furniture will be available soon and based on the exclusive preview in the music video, we wouldn’t be surprised if this is the next must-have for design fans.

Pictures by Lacuna Studios

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