9 Jun

Belgian Artist Coely Drops Awesome Video for ‘Celebrate’

Coely is a Belgian artist we’ve been watching for a while now. She’s one of the few people that really stands out in Belgium. For her latest video, she collaborated with another Belgian favorite of ours; Elisabeth Ouni. Ouni is an artist, DJ, music lover and more. When you put those two together, you’ve got fireworks.


Coely’s latest song ‘Celebrate’ is an ode to her mom and really proves how humble the singer is. We also really appreciate her for using her actual mom in the video, instead of hiring an actress to play her mother. ‘Celebrate’ is just one of the many hit songs of the Belgian singer. She’s just at the beginning of her career, but we sincerely think she’s going to be all over the place the next few years. Keep an eye on her!

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