Better skin without spending money

Dr Phil

20 Sep

Better skin without spending money

Though it’s easy for beauty editors to try out all the latest, it’s hard to keep track and purchase every new trend as a regular consumer. The fact that even a few friends wanted free beauty hacks made me contemplate hard what worked great for me. DIY can get you places and give you some fun while you’re at it, but here are three beauty hacks that you can incorporate free of charge with a massive impact!

Treat yourself to a facial massage

One of things facialists do even in the privacy of their own bathroom, is massaging in the products they’re using to maximize benefits. No matter the technology or price tag of your purchases, it won’t perform as well as it could without a little elbow-grease. With “warming it up” becoming common, actually massaging it in for a minute will go the extra mile and show visible results in no time! One minute for your cleanser, one for your oil or cream.

Favorite position in bed

No worries, we won’t hash out the benefits of the oldest trick in the book.. 8 hours of sleep. It’s all about the position in which you sleep all night long. As a stomach “free falling” sleeper, wrinkles are an obvious side-effect as I mash my face into the pillow hard. All of that mechanical pressure is wrinkling up my skin, so sleeping on my back does a world of good. Think of it like ironing out the wrinkles and your night treatments don’t soak into the pillow either. Get creative with pillows to fix you on your back or two tennis balls in a sock, placed behind your neck works to get used to this position.

Gym for your face

What happens when you put a beauty expert in a gym loving routine way of life? Experimentation! Call me crazy but I’ve been running facial mask trials while I’m working on the weights. Invisible pore clearing gels, hydration packs, antioxidant packed emulsions.. you name it! Heat is where it’s at to stimulate blood flow and increase penetration of products. Can you imagine the difference in glow between sitting idle with a mask on, or sweating hard for an hour with it on, having it work a ton harder and then rinsing everything off in the shower. Not to mention the amount of nutrients and oxygen that get carried around faster while you sweat, resulting in a healthier looking you! Whoever said you need a whole lot of money and endless layers is crazy.

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