16 Jun

Beyoncé and Jay-Z Drop Surprise Album ‘Everything Is Love’

Stop everything you’re doing! Beyoncé and Jay-Z finally gave us what we really deserve; a new album! Just like the last few times, Queen B dropped the album without a single warning. The audacity of this woman…

Beyoncé and Jay-Z are currently touring the world with their On The Run II tour. But that didn’t keep them from dropping a joint nine-song album. The album is called Everything Is Love and is a collaboration between the two. The entire album is out NOW on Tidal and the video for “Apeshit” is out on YouTube too. How dare they?!

The video was filmed in the Louvre, which is truly insane. We mean, Beyoncé is impressive in a million different ways, but the fact that nothing about this album or the production of this video leaked, even when she takes over the entire Louvre, is some next level shit.

“Apeshit” was written and produced by Pharrell Williams, Beyoncé and Jay-Z with additional vocals by Quavo and Offset. Watch the video for “Apeshit”.

The (secret) 10th song

As you read in the text above, Everything Is Love includes nine songs with “Apeshit” being one of them. But there’s more. If you open Tidal, you can see a 10th song that is not listed on the album. The song is called SALUD! and has been released as a separate song on the streaming service. It’s a mystery to us why the two music giants decided to not include the song on the album. Chances are big that we’ll never know the truth behind that decision.

Everything Is Love is out now on Tidal.


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