16 May

Meet Bidules, the Belgian Eyewear Brand That Gives Life to Old Glasses

Once in a while, we stumble upon something that gets us so excited that we want to tell all of our three friends about it. Brussels-based eyewear brand Bidules is one of those triggers. They track down old stocks and pairs of iconic make and models of sunglasses to bring them back to life. It’s wonderful.

Nicolas Musty is the founder of Bidules and says to be an eyewear fetishist (same tbh). His grandfather was an optician who started the family business back in 1934. Nicolas grew up in a family where frames, lenses, temples, hinges and screws were part of almost every discussion. It’s safe to say shades are in his DNA. He first thought of collecting old sunglasses when he found a pair in his grandfather’s basement.

A new life

Since that discovery, he travels the world following the traces of legendary frame designers and manufacturers. He and his team obsessively search through cellars and attics and secretly enter closed-down factories (which sounds like a lot of fun) to find the perfect glasses worth preserving for future generations. They check, repair, adapt and refresh the pairs they find in order to bring you perfect new olds.

Because of his family’s expertise and knowledge, Nicolas Musty is able to bring the best out of each pair of glasses. He plays with the designs and creates new designs for old shades. In a world where glasses have become a fast moving consumer product, Bidules wants to propose something radically different. Something true and everlasting with a strong focus on quality and craftsmanship. If you’re wondering how they do it, we suggest you have a look at the Bidules instagram stories.

The brand is currently doing a crowdfunding campaign to expand its team and to be able to realize more. You can shop the reworked vintage sunglasses on the Bidules webshop or at the brand’s flagship store in Brussels that will open on the 31st of May.

Photo credits: Victor Pattyn – Cleo-Nikita


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