29 Mar

Billie Eilish Paralyses With Debut Album ‘When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?’

It feels like we’ve been waiting for ages, but Billie Eilish’s debut album ‘When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?’ is finally out. At the age of seventeen, the American singer is already one of the biggest names in pop with billions of streams on Spotify and within minutes sold out tours. Always staying true to herself, her first album is a collection of hauntingly perfect pop songs where you fall in love with it from the minute you hear it. Billie is a teenager like no other. An idol and icon for a whole generation.

Almost exactly a year ago, Billie Eilish revealed in an interview with us that her album was in the making. Twelve months later, we are finally able to hear all the songs she’s been working on for so long and it was worth every second. The sound of When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? is so interesting, experimental, but yet so fresh and renewing that we are lost for words. The intensity of the album is extremely captivating and goose bumps are never far away. We don’t have any doubt about naming the album an already legendary portrait of this generation.

Highly emotional self expression

The pressure on Billie these last months must have been exhausting, but it’s noteworthy to see that she managed to keep herself cool. In a range of emotion from the rather minimalistic album closer “goodbye” to the daring beats of “you should see me in a crown”, no state of mind is left behind on the album. Apart from all the amazing singles she already released and that are on the album, we absolutely adore “ilomilo”, the fragile “8” and the electronic masterpiece “Xanny”.

Sometimes words aren’t enough to express the brilliance of an album and that’s exactly the case with Billie Eilish’s debut album. Every song is spot on and shows the diversity of the extremely talented teenager that is conquering the world as if it’s nothing. Take it from us… we already have a contender for album of the year and found a future legend that could be the Kurt Cobain of our generation. Dave Grohl, you were so damn right!

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