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20 Mar 2018

Billie Eilish Told Us When We Can Expect a New Album!

Billie Eilish started gaining attention with a song she made for her dance teacher, “Ocean Eyes”. The hauntingly beautiful ballad went viral on Soundcloud and became her debut single. Thereafter it went fast for the 16-year-old singer. After releasing her EP and gaining almost 1 million Instagram followers, she’s currently doing a sold out world tour. Billie Eilish is a woman after our own heart and we’re very happy she found some time to have a little chat with us.

Hi, Billie! How is touring going?

Hi, love. Touring is insane, as always. It’s been a long little journey, but it’s actually been a lot better than I was prepared for. So that’s kind of cool.

You’re currently in the US, before that you did Australia and Europe. Do you feel like the crowd is different?

Yes! It’s really weird to see how the crowd is so different in the cities I’ve performed in. The way people act and react at shows, or the way that they move to music or sing along – it’s different everywhere. It’s so interesting to see.

Which city is best at dancing?

(Laughs.) London, I’d say. The crowd, they just move and that’s what I need. But Amsterdam too! And Boston finishes my top 3. Oh, and the other day I was in Atlanta… They were kind of the most enthusiastic and hyped. Like, I just wanna go and hang out with every one in the crowd!

I was at your concert in Brussels a few weeks ago and I wrote a review about it. (Spoiler alert: I loved it!) You performed some unreleased songs, like “When The Party’s Over”. When can we expect new music to be released?

Girl, I have no idea. Whenever it’s done! Right now I’m touring and I’m so busy. Everything is chaotic – that doesn’t really inspire creativity a lot of the time. But in a few weeks, I get home and then I’ll dive back in, just making everything happen. Pretty much making more than I can handle happen, because that’s what I want.

Is there a single or album we can look forward to right now? 

I have a couple of singles coming that are almost confirmed, and I’m working towards an album for the end of this year. But I don’t know… You’ll have to see. It will be a surprise!


Billie Eilish
Billie Eilish

I’m curious! Something different now. A few weeks ago you deactivated your Twitter for a while. Why was that?

Ummmm. No reason, really. I just think it’s kind of a distraction, I want to focus on touring. Twitter is the least of my concern right now.

From writing tweets to writing songs, then. One song of yours that really stands out lyrically is “Bellyache”. It’s about the bad feeling that comes after committing a serial kill. I have to ask: it’s not something you’ve been through yourself, is it?

Hehehe. No, I’ve never killed someone in my life. It’s like a form of art. You can write about whatever you want. I could write about exactly what I’m doing right now, what I’m feeling. Or I could make it all up and pretend to be someone else. Songwriting is telling a story and you can become a character.

Speaking of becoming a character… Your brother and both your parents are actors. Would you ever consider an acting career?

When I was little I wanted to act, but I just hate auditioning for stuff. It pisses me off. I don’t wanna go and sit in a room full of people that look exactly like me, to match a character that none of us are. I’m just not about that. If I’m gonna be someone – I wanna be someone for being me, not for pretending to be someone else. I don’t know if that makes sense.


So if a director would offer you a role that’s perfect for you and you don’t even have to audition, you would consider it?

Right! That’s the thing. (laughs) No, I don’t know… I do love performing though, and I love being on camera and stuff like that. Maybe in the future, if I somehow get bigger and someone wants me to be in some movie, who knows! But it’s all depending on how I feel about it and if I think it’s visually a beautiful piece. Because that’s what I’m drawn to: visuals. I really like directing music videos and maybe even a movie or something if I can. But acting… I’m not really into it.

One thing you are into is fashion.

Yeah, it’s a dream of mine to have a clothing line. I design clothes all the time. For example: all my merch is designed by me. And actually, I just did a collaboration with Joyrich. I’m a huge fan of that company and we made a couple of items together. It’s really really tight.

I’ll go check that out. Billie, thank you for your time and honesty. I can’t wait to hear your new music and I wish you good luck with all your future plans.

Thank you so much!

Photo credits: Universal Music

Billie Eilish
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