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20 Aug
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Binge watching alert: Sense8

If you’re not at all a science fiction fan, we suggest you click on the home button above. There are plenty of other interesting articles to read. However, when you do like to treat your imagination, stay around for a few more paragraphs. Because Sense8 might be just the distraction you’re looking for.

Sense8 is a Netflix Originals series launched in June 2015 and directed by the Wachowski sisters (formerly known as the Wachowski brothers). That name will probably ring a bell if you have ever watched The Matrix. Yes, that famous award winning film from the 90’s with Keanu Reeves in the leading role. Even though it has almost been 2 decades, this title on their track record was still decisive for us to give Sense8 a chance.

The story

Sense8 tells the story about 8 individuals from all around the world that become mentally and emotionally connected after a certain event. In the beginning everything is kinda vague. It almost feels like you ended up watching a very weird cable special. But starting from the third episode it’s getting extremely hard to push that pause button.

What attracts us in the storyline is that each episode you figure new things out. At first you get to know the characters in their daily lives. And little by little it becomes clear in which direction the Wachowskis are willing to go to with the series. Watching Sense8 turns into a trip around the world. One where you get to know the different individuals from the cluster.

The first season is basically a long introduction to the real deal. It felt like things where just only getting started in the final episode. So now we really can’t wait till the next season will appear online in december 2016.

Netflix canceling Sens8


The 8 sensates:

– Riley (London) performed by Tuppence Middleton
– Will (Chicago) performed by Brian J. Smith
– Sun (Seoul) performed by Doona Bae
– Capheus (Nairobi) performed by Aml Ameen, will be replaced by Toby Onwumere in season 2
– Wolfgang (Berlin) performed by Max Riemelt
– Kala (Mumbai) performed by Tina Desai
– Lito (Mexico city) performed by Miguel Ángel Silvestre
– Nomi (San Francisco) performed by Jamie Clayton

Since 6 of the characters are living outside of the U.S., the Wachowskis wanted to cast an international team of actors. The fact that not all parts are performed by Americans makes the series definitely more realistic. To what extent science fiction can be called realistic, of course. We always find it extremely annoying when all parts are played by native English speaking actors. All ok when it fits the story but in this case it would have been ridiculous.

In our opinion every actor was well casted for their character. We were especially impressed by Miguel Ángel Silvestre who plays Lito, an “undercover” gay actor. We always saw him as the Spanish patron saint of single women. But we guess those women just got some extra competition. And Doona Bae does great as the Seoul-based business woman / kickboxer Sun. The combination of being both emotional, self restraint and extremely strong makes her one of our favorite characters. And when that tiny Korean lady starts fighting, you better run.

The story behind the story

We think that the bigger picture behind Sense8 is that in our society, we lost all connection with our senses. Or we are forced to let go of this connection, to not fall of the so-called wagon. The sensates represent the rather small percentage of human beings who see and feel things differently. In an incomprehensible way they are in touch with the strengths and weaknesses of the others in their cluster. And because they are different, the BPO wants to neutralize them. The exact reason why the organization wants to get rid of the sensates hasn’t ben revealed. But what else can it be than that they are a threat to those in power?

Obviously Sense8 also wants to point out subjects such as being a transgender and homosexuality. Since both the Wachowskis are transgenders it’s obvious that they’re not willing to tolerate the silence any longer. If you thought they’d do it in a subtle way, think again! The words explicit and in your face might be more appropriate. Some might have found this shocking and we must admit that the strap on in one of the first scenes was a lot to handle. But if sex scenes between men and women are generally accepted, why not those between gays?

In general we can say that the series is about being different (whatever that means) and remaining true to yourself. It’s about acceptance, loss, emotions, love and friendship… But don’t expect Sens8 to be a romantic drama. We can assure you, it’s not!

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Sens8 Netflix

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