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30 Oct

How to Keep Your Blazer Game Up On A Casual Day

Blazers are an essential style item in a man’s closet. We need it for work and in our personal life. As a matter of fact, a guy should own up to 5 blazers in his closet! When it comes to expressing your style there are no boundaries. And to help you keep your blazer game up on casual days, we made a style guide to show you how diverse a blazer can be.

Lose your tie … it’s a casual day

Wearing a tie 5 days in a row can feel imprisoning. In order to loosen up, you really need to loosen up! Put that tie back in your left drawer and feel free to layer and dare to combine a classy item with something more street.

Always have a few black blazers

Whether you prefer a very classy style or an avant-garde style, having a few black blazers in your dresser always come in handy. Because black blazers will save you under any circumstances. No doubt that for male celebrities like David Beckham and David Gandy attending fashion weeks or hosting an event sponsored by Breitling feels like a casual workday. But as you can see they’re not too cool to wear a black blazer.

Redefine flower power

Just like wild child Tinie Tempah, you too can redefine the meaning of flower power. In other words, you too can buy a similar blazer with floral accents. No need for it to cost as much as your monthly income. However, it’s definitely a rare piece you need in your closet guys. Pair it with a low-collar long tee and funky steampunk sunglasses and you look ready to claim yourself king of the casual days.

Blazers, sneakers and a casual tee

Boys will be boys! But as they become men some habits are not left behind. Remember your younger 6-year-old self who would be so attached to a clothing piece? Plus you wanted to wear it every day. Well, you’re not alone, we are here with you.

Sneakers and t-shirts are things that men love wearing above all. And it’s kind of a symbolic in regards to casual days.

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