British Designer Christian Cowan is a Genius by Heart


4 Sep

British Designer Christian Cowan is a Genius by Heart

This young British designer, who goes by the name of Christian Cowan has been dressing pop artists like Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus since his college years. But also female rappers from Cardi B to Remy Ma. However, it doesn’t stop there, when Kylie Jenner wore one of his designs the internet started buzzing again.

Christian Cowan: another enfants terribles

Whether Cowan is designing tour costumes for big celebrities or creating runway looks. His collections – mostly based on a feeling or a message – are a full fantasy curated by himself. However, Cowan’s story starts at Central Saint Martin’s. After completing a few looks for a school assignment, he held a small presentation and had his friends model. The next day, Lady Gaga’s people contacted him to pick up the entire collection. That gig kick-started his career.

Back at the University Christian was the enfant terrible. While he was neglecting his homework, Cowan’s sharp tongue didn’t help him at school because his teachers didn’t approve of him chasing his dreams and securing a career in the entertainment industry.

As he told Refinery29: “I’d get kicked out of the sewing machine room for working on stuff outside of the university and I got in a lot of trouble. They didn’t love me. What I’d secretly do is make whatever the fuck I wanted and then try to pass it off as part of my schoolwork, too. They did not find it funny. I had an argument with a tutor once who said I couldn’t do Miley’s tour and to concentrate on my university work. I got quite sassy and said, How do you expect me to pay for this expensive course if I can’t take jobs that give me money to do it? He shut up and now they use me in all of their brochures and social media pages.”

Cowan’s clientele isn’t limited to the UK. A Christopher Cowan garment is sold all over the world at selected retailers. From Chicago, NY to Beirut. Ideally, he’d like to make luxury clothing at a fair price. But it takes a lot of capital to make things cheaper.

British Designer Christian Cowan is a Genius by Heart
Christian Cowan SS18

Christian Cowan’s cowboy references

The Christian Cowan woman is someone who loves life, loves themselves, and loves clothes. Even though Christian’s collections are very outspoken, he always had a few signature styles. Besides his glamour suits, fishnet dresses, sequin garments and denim looks, Christian often refers to the western cowboy culture in his collections.

If we could pick any clothing piece from his archive, we’d go for his pink cowboy look and the white western dress from his SS18 collection.

Fall-Winter 2018 favorites

His cowboy boots covered in diamonds broke the internet when Kylie Jenner wore them. But it doesn’t stop there, there’s so much more. Take a look at our FW18 favorites.


British Designer Christian Cowan
Christian Cowan FW18
Christian Cowan FW18
Christian Cowan FW18
Christian Cowan FW18

Photo credits: Carl Wilson, Vogue, Refinery29, Helen Eriksson


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