Brussels’ Five Best Streetwear Hotspots

Belgium. It’s the country of beer, pissing statues and, most importantly, Enfnts Terribles. We Belgians tend to forget it’s also a country which serves tourists, fashion lovers and artists the weekend of their life. Instead of spending my weekend behind my computer writing (Just kidding, I’m currently at a home party writing this in between the beers), I left my safe haven called my bed and strolled down Brussels in search of streetwear hotspots.


We feel like we have to start with a very established name in the Brussels sneaker scene. Ed Sheeran bought his Air Flight ’89s “Gym Red”  at Panthers and even Tinie Tempah passed by the shop. We think it’s clear how well-known Panthers is. For those who don’t know, Panthers started off seven years ago as a Basketball store with an enormous collection of Jordans and other basketball brands. After opening a store in Ghent, the second Brussels store opened. The old shop became the Panthers locker room. The new one became a high class sneaker store where you’ll find that one sneaker which only fits one outfit. And you know you’ll never wear it as much as you should, but you still need it. (Although it’s 250 euros and your broke ass will be starving for the rest of the month).


Centre Ville

Yes, sure, it started off as a men’s store. But it’s 2K18, and we don’t do genders anymore. So Centre Ville became a streetwear store, where girls buy boys clothing and nobody cares. They have more classy names such as Arte and Stone Island, next to streetwear gods M+RC NOIR and Daily Paper. Do you know the feeling when you’re broke, but still want to look at all those magnificent pieces? You know, to ease your mind without actually buying something? In most of the streetwear stores, they look at you with eyes that say: buy something and leave. Well, Centre Ville doesn’t have that vibe.  The guy in the store even told me to try on a shirt, because the fitting might’ve sucked. And it did, so I didn’t buy it. Hello? Can we get this mentality in every store please? *patiently waiting*


I hear you think: “She pulled up with Solebox again?!” Yes, I totally did and I regret nothing. Solebox, niche store, Bathing Ape, sneakers. Should I say more? Obviously I do, because the store in Brussels is yet again another selling concept. If you aren’t looking for fresh kicks, then at least pay a visit to check out the store. The store looks like a bank, the idea comes from Deutsche bank, with cameras, a room full of vaults and an ATM. From the outside, you’d even think it’s a bank (except for the big ass Solebox logo up front) and people pull up with a shitload of money. Although they’re not investing in the stock market, but we’re not going to discuss why sneakers are the new bitcoin again. Just invest in sneakers already, kids.


Everyone’s favorite high-end streetwear paradise filled with hidden gems. They sell brands such as Acne Studios, M+RC Noir, Off-White and Balenciaga. Two years ago, the owner decided to move from a 5000 square meter store, to a smaller one but closer to the city center. And although the shop got smaller, the relaxing atmosphere makes shopping a pleasure. Smets is a streetwear store from a different level. It’s the type of store which could serve you a complete new wardrobe. Due to all the different brands, it’s the store where you open your banking app and transcribe money from your savings account into your banking account. You know you weren’t saving for your own house anyway. Smets makes you want to spend all your fucking money, even though you were broke already.

Hunting and Collecting

When a store feels like art itself, it must be something good. Hunting and Collecting is a concept store in the heart of Europe, which shows off its incredible collections in a changing setting. For the owners, shopping is all about the experience. Every season, the store rebuilds its entire interior. Paradise, Winter Garden and Ball Room are a few of the themes the store has had in the past. You won’t find a basic Air Force at the store, though, but you will find the last limited Adidas sneaker collection by example. Next to fashion, there’s place for design, art and a quick after work shopping spree because the store is open until 8 pm. If you aren’t broke from all the other stores already, this will be the place where you lose all your money. And maybe your dignity too, who knows?

Photo credit: Hunting and Collecting, Panthers, Highsnobiety, Centre Ville, Smets

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