Brussels Gem: Chez Richard

This spring Chez Richard opened its doors after a state-of-the-art revamp. The renewed hotspot is now welcoming locals, travelers, bearded hipsters as well as business folks. And trust us when we say they have a lot to offer on their menu.

No matter where you’re from Chez Richard is the perfect spot to relax and soak up an authentic atmosphere.

The venue

What sets apart this venue from the rest is the electric blue and wooden decor. And for that, you can thank Parisian architect Nicolas Hannequin and his team of craftspeople, for creating a refined setting with an old-world feel.

On the menu

Chez Richard’s cuisine serves Belgian and French products. Particularly the best meat, fish, seafood, desserts and wines from the country.

Even the restroom is worth visiting

Don’t get us wrong we don’t have a fetish for toilets or so. But every restaurant has its special thing, right? Look at Le Kong in Paris, for instance, they have a priceless rooftop view. And Renaissance in Antwerp has a store attached to it.

Even though it feels weird to say but next to the authentic decor Chez Richard’s toilet has a special mosaic floor that was designed by Christophe Duperron. Anyhow, for the mosaic devotees among us, this might be interesting to see.

Sunday is fun day!

At Chez Richard Sunday equals Jazz day. Perfect time to mingle with a good crowd downtown. Alongside a glass of whatever they have on the menu to loosen up and show your two-step.

So if you’re ever in Brussels you know what to do.

Address: 2 Rue des Minimes, 1000 Brussels, Belgium

Photo credits: Frederic Raevens


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