23 Dec

Buffalo London Presents Its New CLD Corin Sneaker in Berlin

Last week, Buffalo lovers from all over Europe gathered in Berlin to celebrate the launch of a brand new sneaker. After successfully relaunching the iconic Buffalo London boots, the brand is serving us a new version of the iconic “ugly ’90s shoes”.

Buffalo’s newest sneaker is called the CLD Corin sneaker. The shoe brings back the unconventional style of the ‘90s and adds a touch of urban minimalism. It’s less extreme than the iconic Buffalo boots from the ’90s, but it still has its look and feel.

In honor of the new CLD Corin sneaker, Buffalo threw a banging party in Berlin. We were there to dance the night away and we must say it was a night to remember. The Berlin-based Buffalo crowd definitely knows how to party.

From now on the Buffalo CLD Corin is internationally available in five different colors at selected retailers.



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