Janne Schellingen

8 Jul 2020

Celine Brings The Work of César Baldaccini Back to Life With Sculpted Pendant

The French ready-to-wear and leather luxury goods brand Celine just launched the first act of the Celine artist jewelry program. Hedi Slimane, the artistic, creative, and image director of the brand, is collaborating with The Fondation César.

The Fondation César dedicates itself to preserving, promoting, exhibiting, and interpreting the art and archives of César Baldaccini, a French artist in the 20th century.

Compression Pendants

César wasn’t only a sculptor, he also made jewelry. In 1971, he started to collect old jewelry from his friends and family: pieces of sentimental value and family heirlooms. César compressed the old jewelry, which took on a totemic form and became a symbolic pendant hung on a leather cord or chain.

The pendant also featured a retractable hook, which enabled it to be perceived as not only jewelry but also a stand-alone sculpture.

To commemorate the artist, Celine launched a version of César’s compression pendants. The jewelry exists of a rectangular column made up of small bands of metal that fold in and around each other. The first “directed compressions” were created by the French artist in 1959.

Numbered and limited

The pendant features 100 vermeil and 100 silver pieces and is presented in a simple and artisanal pine box. Every box is hot-stamped with the artist’s signature. The compression pendant has a dual identity: it’s a piece of jewelry, but also an object of art. The same goes for its container, both a utilitarian box and a pedestal for its contents.

The limited-edition pendant is available for women and men in selected Celine stores from July 3.

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