2 Sep

Celine to Launch Haute Parfumerie Collection with 11 Fragrances

It’s no secret that Hedi Slimane is the man who can do it all. He creates aesthetics that last forever, he does the set design and styling of the Celine runway shows and so much more. Back in 2004, Hedi Slimane even created the private collection of perfumes for Maison Christian Dior. Now, the Parisian house has announced the launch of the Celine Haute Parfumerie collection by Hedi Slimane. Scroll down to discover the 11 fragrances from the Haute Parfumerie line.

Eleven perfumes

Celine’s perfume collection draws its know-how from French high perfumery, consistent with the tradition of the ‘Couturier Parfumeur’. The Haute Parfumerie collection is composed of eleven perfumes, nine of which will be coming out in fall 2019 and two others during 2020.

The eleven names picked by Hedi Slimane himself for each perfume come from the couturier’s olfactory journal. In addition, the eleven Celine perfumes can be used for day or evening happenings. There’s one exception, Eau de Californie is Hedi’s tribute to his Californian era.

Here you have all the eleven perfumes that will be part of the new collection:

Day perfumes: Parade, Saint-Germain-des-Prés, Dans Paris, Cologne Francaise, La Peau Nue, Bois Dormant (2020), Rimbaud (2020) and Eau de Californie.

Evening perfumes: Black Tie, Reptile and Night Clubbing.

Androgynous perfume

Known for questioning the societal notion of gender in his work, Slimane is closely and culturally associated with the rise of a masculine-feminine style in both fashion and photography.

Therefore, their Haute Parfumerie collection regains the designer’s stylistic codes. The faceted accords and compositions in the collection purposely make no separation between masculine and feminine notes. For Hedi Slimane, once again, it is about raising the question of French taste and its meaning within our era.

As the first Haute Parfumerie boutique, interior designed by Hedi Slimane will open late October, we’re already showing you a preview of what’s about to come.

Address: 390 rue Saint-Honoré, 75001 Paris

Photo credits: CELINE

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