26 Sep 2021

Challenging Conformity with GANT’s Class of 2021

Inspired by GANT‘s new collection and its refined and luxurious take on American Sportswear classics, we selected a few of our favorite young talents to feature in an editorial shoot that is heavily influenced by American youth culture.

Featuring Gia, Pieter, Billy, Arthur, Hanna, Exaucer and Laura in full GANT looks, we created a cast of typical American high school students. With each character having their own struggles, talents, and characteristics, we tried to portray the individual journey to overcome and challenge conformity.

Make sure to check our Instagram and TikTok for more images and a behind-the-scenes look into this shoot.

Photography by Mathieu Teissier
Head of production and creative direction by Dries Vriesacker, ENFNTS TERRIBLES Studio
Styling by Kate Housh

Production by Lorenzo Veppi, Crave Agency
Lights by Matias Batallé
Graphic design by Daan Dekeyser

Makeup by Emma Catry
Hair styling by Amandine Peronet
Nails by Emma Maye
Makeup assistant and leopard hair by Gladys Ferro
Production assistant Isa De Boeck
Styling assistants Iman Majid, Amanda Breukink

Set assistant Maxim Meyer-Horn

Accessories and additional styling by Revive Collective, Anaïs De Keyzer, Bobby Jewels, Mass Lee, Sieners, Komono and Virginia J. Atelier.

Special thanks to GANT and UPR Agency

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