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15 Dec

“Pop 2”, the New Mixtape of Charli XCX Is Very Experimental and Surrealist

Another 2017 gift from Charli XCX: she just released a brand new mixtape! After ‘Number 1 Angel’ in March, it’s now time for Pop 2. It contains 10 tracks, whereof 8 collaborations with a wide variety of artists. Chart-pop names like Carly Rae Jepsen appear, but also some underground rappers like CupcakKe and TOMM¥ €A$H.

Charli XCX

Charlotte Aitchison – better known as her MSN Messenger name from the past, Charli XCX – began writing songs at the early age of 14. After posting them on Myspace and performing at illegal parties and raves in London for quite some time, her big breakthrough only came when she was 20. Singles You’re The One and You (Ha Ha Ha) did the trick. In the following years she released 2 EP’s, 2 studio albums and 4 mixtapes. And that very last mixtape is the one that came out today!

Backwards-Turned Sound

Pop 2 is a textbook example of experimental and surrealist pop music. Charli’s voice sounds distorted and sometimes it even seems as if the song was turned backwards. The tenth track – which is called Track Ten – is probably the best example of that backwards-turned sound. Sometimes the “special effects” can be a bit too much, though. In Femmebot, for instance. But even though she sounds a bit like a robot version of Britney Spears, the song is one of our most beloved ones on the album.

The beginning of the mixtape is drenched in love sickness. Lucky and Tears for example, are literally heartbreaking. But after that, self confidence (I Got It Femmebot) and new love (Delicious & Unlock It) come along.


And if we’d have to pick a favorite song… Out of My Head, without a doubt. The song features Alma and Tove Lo. Charli’s signature edgy sound is clearly present, but our new beloved it-trio brought it in a very catchy and radio proof jacket.

Also… Those lyrics…

Glitter in my sheets
Dancing on no sleep
I don’t learn, wanna burn, wanna turn all the way up, yeah

Out of My Head just described our upcoming New Year’s Eve. LOL.


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