13 Jun
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Chelsea Handler, the Not so Traditional Talk Show Host

You either love her or hate her. Chelsea Handler is one of America’s top comedians and has been making people laugh for years now. She’s also known for her talkshow Chelsea Lately, where the biggest stars sat down with her in risk of being asked the boldest questions. After 7 years she felt like it was time for something new. She took a gap year and then signed a deal with Netflix, which she did ‘Chelsea Does‘ for. And that was only the beginning, because with her talkshow Chelsea, she’s the first person ever to have a talkshow on Netflix. It’s probably also the biggest talkshow in the world, as Netflix streams in over 190 countries.

The first season of Chelsea received mixed reviews, and there’s a simple explanation for that. Like I said: you either love, or hate Chelsea. At times she can be quite the controversial person, but not in an attention seeking way. She’s just incredibly honest and truly says everything she thinks. She’s certainly not afraid to critique someone, but the great thing is that she’s her own worst critic. If you try to insult her by calling her an alcoholic, she will probably agree with you and have a laugh.

So I’ll leave it open to you whether you like Chelsea Handler. If you were crippling laughing with the video above, you’ll probably love her. I know I do. But there’s more than just her personality and sense of humor. The show is actually really well put together. The first season consisted of 2 episodes around 30 minutes each week. For the second season, which started airing in April, they decided to bring it back to one episode each Friday. That way it could be longer in time, up to an hour, and she would be able to elaborate better on her guests and subjects.

The show is also surprisingly educational. Chelsea loves to tackle subjects she knows little about. Of course in her own, humoristic way. She also spends a lot of time talking about politics, and never misses out on an opportunity to ridicule Donald Trump, Sean Spicer or anyone else Trump-related. After more than 350 words I still can’t give you a proper description of what this show exactly is. I just know I love it. And you know what makes this show even better? Her dogs Chunk and Tammy just walk around the studio, and occasionally interrupt Chelsea’s conversation with some celebrity guest asking to be petted. Isn’t that amazing?

Chelsea streams every Friday on Netflix.


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