Club Ampere Releases 22 Unique Sneakers for 22 Months of Damage

After closing down for 22 months, due to obvious reasons we are tired to discuss, clubs in Belgium could finally open their doors again on the 18th of February. To celebrate the return of nightlife as we used to know it, iconic Antwerp nightclub Ampere and creative agency Mutant are releasing ‘The Night Damage Sneaker’: 22 unique and custom Reebok sneakers.

The 22 unique pairs of Reebok ‘Club C’ sneakers have been customized to look like they have been out in a rave all night long. These specific Reebok sneakers have played a big role in rave culture, being one of the most represented sneakers in the rave scene since the late ’90s. “They were originally inextricably linked to nightlife in Manchester, at the time when many illegal raves were taking hold in department stores. This sturdy sports shoe came in handy when you had to flee from the police. After the turn of the century, this sneaker also became a go-to wearable in our Belgian clubs,” says Roxane Schneider, Art Director at Mutant.

The Night Damage Sneaker

“Belgian nightlife has suffered some serious damage in recent years. The reopening of nightlife is a big moment for us. A moment we wanted to capture. We hope that clubbers can look at their shoes at 5 AM and realize just how lucky we are to be able to do this again,” expresses Joachim Marijnen, Creative Director of Club Ampere.

The 22 Night Damage sneakers can be pre-ordered as of 22/02/2022 at 2:22 pm via Vier, Avenue, and Ampere. All proceeds go to Ampere as sponsorship for the club sector.

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