6 Feb

Take your coat game to another level like these guys do

The battle of the best coat game is one that’ll last forever. So when it comes to that, choose your battles well. Because it’s a whole other ball game out there. I can only advise you to be ready if you want to go against the big sharks. As trends evolve every now and then we all need to keep up.

But fear no longer because Enfnts Terribles spotted the rulers of male street style only for you. At least now we’re one step closer to these interesting personalities inspiring us to slay the winter in style. We made a very short and erratic list of the guys that we once met ( or we wish we had) and galvanized us at some point in our lives. And hopefully, they will inspire you too.

Alex Badia

If it wasn’t for the online web we would never know who this first man was. Alex Badia is the style director for WWD, lives in New York City and was born in Spain. We don’t exactly know how Alex came up with his signature coat style. But we think his background has a lot to do with it.

When the stylish editor hit the streets all photographers know he is one the cool kids. I even met the guy in Paris and I can assure you his coat game is strong. I call him the king of layering.

A$ap Rocky

Like any other day, you’ll spot pretty boy A$ap looking at his best down in SOHO New York. What you need to know about him is that unlike Mr. Kanye West this guy doesn’t act like a baby in the public eye. Throughout his career A$ap kept his cool. And fashion week after fashion week the rapper knows how to innovative his coat game. Though his RAF puffer jacket blew us all away.

Bryan Boy

He may not be the traditional guy you are used seeing every day. However, Bryanboy dot com is my favorite male blogger with a closet full of coats that scream out “I’m in the building Y’all”. We men, as much as women, are looking for that next best coat that’ll keep style spectators dazed and impressed. That’s how our boy keeps his coat game crazy exciting.

Taylor Okata

The last guy is creative director & stylist at Catching Feelings but it seems like somebody has read our recent article about shearling coats. Because his wardrobe is definitely up-to-date with today’s trends and beyond. Since our daily hobby is to stay aware of everything that’s happening in fashion, we often stumble on the strongest menswear looks out there. When we were done analyzing Taylor Okata’s coat game we just felt it in our hearts… He is one of us!


Photo credits: Instagram, Complex


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