2 Mar
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Crush: Alicia Vikander in ‘The Danish Girl’

Our latest crush goes by the name Alicia Vikander and apparently we’re not the only members of her fan club. She just won an Oscar for best actress in a supporting role and is one of Vuitton’s muses. Even Michael Fassbender has noticed those sparkles in her eyes since they have been dating for quite a while now.

There aren’t that many actresses we really have a warm spot for. But with Alicia Vikander it was love at first sight when she played Caroline Mathilde in A Royal Affair. She has something strong and vulnerable at the same time. On screen she evolves in a blink of an eye from being childlike innocent to someone mature. And she just seems to be blessed with a natural air of gravity. Alicia Vikander also has a true sense of style both on and off the red carpet. We totally get why Nicholas Ghesquière is so fond of her.

The Danish Girl

A while before the Oscars we went to see The Danish Girl. We had high expectations because of transsexuality as the hot topic of the moment. Of course we were also curious on how Eddie Redmayne would personify the main character Einar Wegener / Lili Elbe. And to be honest, we weren’t really impressed by his performance in the movie. He did ok but the true star clearly was Alicia Vikander as Gerda Wegener, Einar’s wife and friend. It almost felt like all his sentiments were conveyed through her. When we felt emotional, mad or excited while watching it’s because she was able to fully express these feelings. If Tom Hooper can thank one person for lifting The Danish Girl to another lever, it must be Alicia Vikander.

If you haven’t seen the movie yet, we strongly recommend to put it on your to-watch list. Alicia Vikander is one of the reasons but also the story is one to remember. Lili Elbe was the first known person getting sex reassignment surgery in the early 20th century. The medical industry at that time was far from what it is now so it must have been a very tricky business. And not only technically is this a crazy story but most people are still shocked by transgenders nowadays. We don’t want to imagine what it must have been in the 1920s!

Photo credits: Vuitton, Comingsoon.net, Oscar.go.com

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