31 May

Cuban collar shirts revisited: from the runway to the streets

As of now, a major summer staple is making a larger-than-life comeback. The Cuban collar shirts anchored their ships in your best-loved high street shops, designer boutiques and that has been going on for a while now. However, the instructions have suitably been revisited for summer 2017. It doesn’t matter if you tuck it in or let it hang wide open. Just be presentable for any given off-duty occasion.

We listed 4 stylish ways to wear the iconic summer garment.

Regularly pull off a modern Cuban casual

Officine General and Neil Barrett are showing us another sophisticated side of the cabana blouse. Next to festivals, beach parties and after-work drinks, this old-school style essential is fitted for casual and classy occasions too. And since Pyjama time with bae is equally important as a business meeting in the city, both deserve an honorable Cuban collar.

For your safety, stay in the comfort zone

The first principle of behavior is to skip the funky Hawaiian shirt your funny colleague would wear to the office party. Rather opt for, a blue type garnished with embroideries, prints, drawings and other fun stuff you’ll feel comfortable in.

Uncommonly restate the Cuban lace

We could go on and on about why men should or should not wear lace but that’s another discussion. In the meantime, we’re still obsessed with Alexander McQueen’s menswear collection and the possibilities it brings along.

We’re pretty sure not every guy can get away with the Cuban lace top. However, to those who accept the challenge, just know that lace for guys can be legendary, but not a daily thing.

In doubt, operate with Lanvin coolness

You don’t want to know how many times we have caught guys trying to apply a fake Cuban collar on their regular shirts. The thing is, sometimes it works but only when you’re dealing with the right fabric. And this is the moment where Lanvin slides in your DM.

Photo credits: Vogue, Fucking Young, WWD


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