The guide to your next custom designer jeans


12 Nov

The guide to your next custom designer jeans

There’s nothing wrong with having a unique and outspoken personality. But with that comes the need for a special pair of designer jeans. One that’ll do the talk for you. Always remember designer denim can do that for you. The quest for the next best custom designer jeans can be a difficult one. Especially when price tags for jeans can go up to $1000 and beyond. Luckily you tuned in on Enfnts Terribles for the denim guide for designer jeans. If you think your wallet can handle this, read on.

Everybody looks bomb dot com in a good pair of jeans. As they come in different sizes, fits and washes. Jeans also present itself in multiple qualities. The timeless item underwent many transformations throughout the last decades. What once was used mainly by blue-collar workers is now an indispensable style item worldwide. Keeping that in mind, here are a few menswear labels offering designer jeans that can be a major turnover for your wardrobe and for yourself.

Heavy distressed

Palm Angels have been on our style radar for a while now. Their wild child aesthetic is another match made in heaven. We all have those $60 distressed jeans from ZARA or any other high street store downtown. But what we need to do is buy denim of higher quality. Yes, it’ll cost you more but you’ll keep it much longer.

What about Patchwork?

New stuff mean new options. And you have a lot of them nowadays. Now is the time to jump on it and find yours. From the streets of Japan to all fashion weeks throughout the world, patches left their mark in the denim market. The patchwork trend channeled people with the more crafty side of denim. And if you think about it that wasn’t such a bad idea after all.

Take Gucci and Diesel, for instance, they got it all right with their patched workwear and embroidered jeans.


The one who got wishlisted

By elevating their style credibility to fashion week level, Off-white proved once again that streetwear can meet high fashion in real life. One of the main reasons that set apart the Milanese manufactured brand.

Founder Virgil Abloh, the former creative director on Kanye West’s team, gave his fans something look out for: customized denim from high to street.


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