13 Dec

The Dad Shoe: Streetstyle and Its Daddy Issues

2017 will go in memory as the year with some of the weirdest fashion trends in history. But what came out on top of cringeable hypes is definitely the dad shoe. As much as we love our dads, we’ve always been kind of ashamed when they wore a pair of ultimate white sneakers combined with plaid bermuda-shorts. And yet we all borrowed our old man’s shoes this year.

We must admit, 2017 was a crazy year filled with fashion hypes we shouldn’t even try to understand. The dad shoe was one of them, with many big brands jumping on the hype as if it was a trampoline. The kicks, which look like they are from an 80’s nerd character in an American teenage movie,  are a dedication to the normcore trend we all decided to never wear again.

Keep on going

Although the sneakers look like a pair your mom hid in the garage for years, people are eager to pay some money for them. Balenciaga started the biggest street style discussion with the Triple S, which could be seen as a homage to the dad shoe. 720 dollars lighter but a huge sole heavier, hypebeasts from all over the world are taking over Instagram with their high class dad shoes. There’s even a website filled with pictures of dads wearing their shoes in the most unfashionable and comfortable way. Talking about dedication to a fashion hype.

If you were thinking the dad shoe was a 2017-only, we’ll crush your dreams. Nike just revealed the ultimate dad shoe re-release, the Grandstand II, which means Nike is planning on keeping the hype going for 2018. Not a Nike fan? No worries, you can always line up for a pair of YEEZY Wave Runners to boost your inner dad as Kanye and Kim are doing to show of the new YEEZY line.

Dadshoe Yeezy Waverunner

Fashion over comfort?

Although we all have a hate-love relationship with the 2017 trends, we have to admit the dad shoe did some good things too. Nike finally re-released some of their former bestsellers, New Balance hasn’t been this popular in years and Fila is back on track. With Skechers being cool again, our outfits officially say ‘I love nerdy comfort in a velour track suit and with a fanny pack’. Who would’ve thought the ‘fashion over comfort’ slogan would turn around?

What’s next?

Every trend will come to an end and so will the dad shoe. There will be a moment we’ll all rethink our choices in sneakers, and accept the fact that the heavy kicks from sports direct are not flattering at all. What comes next is a mystery, but we might start considiring a mom shoehype. No, we’re not talking about the Crocs Balenciaga was trying to make happen.

If the dad shoes weren’t enough already, a dedication to the MBT should not stay out of focus. A classic mom pair, marked with a weirdly formed sole and multiple collections with sports and classic models. More than enough choice in our opinion. The brand even won a design award in 2011, so what’s stopping you from starting the next fashionhype?

Photo credit: theviews, Highsnobiety, Hypebeast, llifeisapigsty on instagram


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