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David LaChapelle’s 4 Most Inspiring Works

David LaChapelle is a famous pop photographer, moviemaker and video artist that made his name by shooting celebrities like Lady Gaga, Kanye West, Michael Jackson, etc. But unlike most “celebrity photographers” he expands his portfolio with other kinds of work and creates beautiful exhibitions.

This enfant terrible has left the world of fashion and advertising long behind him. But his concern for the world, his sense of controversy and the high-profile celebrity collaborations have remained. His career started in around the 1970s at Warhol’s magazine and he has accomplished some amazing works since then. We’ve listed the most breathtaking ones here for you!

My own Marylin and Liz

David LaChapelle and Andy Warhol have a long history together. LaChapellle never finished high school but instead went to NYC to pursue his art career. He managed to get a position at Warhol’s magazine, which set the platform for him to create glamourous scenes; following Warhol’s mindset of “Do whatever you want, just make everyone look good”.

LaChapelle and Warhol became good friends, LaChapelle actually made the last portrait of Andy Warhol ever made. Shortly after LaChapelle made the photo of Warhol between two bibles, he was admitted to the hospital for a routine surgery that ended in a tragedy. As an homage for Warhol, LaChapelle recreated of Warhol’s iconic Liz Taylor and Marilyn Monroe, called “My Liz Taylor” and “My Marilyn Monroe”, this time with the model being Amanda Lepore.


David LaChapelle

My Own Marylin & Liz

David LaChapelle

From Heaven to Hell - Angelina Jolie

From Heaven to Hell

From Heaven to Hell is David LaChapelle’s third book and is part of an exhilarating trilogy that began with LaChapelle Land (1996) and continued with Hotel LaChapelle (1999). It contains almost twice as many images as its predecessors and is an expulsive compilation of new work by LaChapelle.

In his latest book he features both some of the most famous celebrities of today’s world as more marginalized figures like transgender Amanda Lepore. His work was inspired by diverse sources such as the Renaissance, art history, cinema, the Bible, pornography and the new globalized pop culture. LaChapelle’s strength lies in its ability to focus the lens of celebrity and fashion toward more pressing issues of societal concern.

Good News For Modern Man

Back in 2007 LaChapelle was done with everything related to advertising campaigns, magazine shoots and celebrity portraits. When Madonna called him and asked to be her photographer for one of her projects, he even rejected her. Although this day he works again with celebrities, he’s still focussed on free work.

With his exhibitions Good News for Modern Man, displayed in the Groninger Museum (Groningen, The Netherlands) he searches for a better world. In this exhibition themes such as consumer society, exhaustion and decay return. But something is different, they all now lead to something, namely paradise. The first part of the exhibition holds up a mirror to you and lets you look at the current zeitgeist, including all ugliness. But all this prosperity and excess does not go unpunished this time and the world’s population is condemned for its sin.

David LaChapelle

From Heaven to Hell - The Last Supper

David LaChapelle

Album cover Astroworld - Travis Scott

Travis Scott’s album cover ‘Astroworld’

There is no denying, this album cover for Travis Scott was iconic. It has been on multiple “best album covers of 2018” lists. We even discussed it in one of our articles. If you know Kylie Jenner’s baby daddy, you know that he always uses crazy artwork for his album covers and video clips. So, you just knew that if these two would work together, they would create something out of this world. For his latest album Astroworld, LaChapelle created two different album covers. Both include the giant golden Travis Scott head, being the entrance to his theme park Astroworld. But one is shot during daytime, and you can see some happy children. The other one has clearly been shot at night, featuring some sexy and provocative models.

Photo credits: David LaChapelle

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