11 Jul

Dean Lewis: “My Song ‘Be Alright’ Really Kicked Things Off”

Dean Lewis has been working on his musical career for a long time, but the big success just came recently. The Australian singer-songwriter scored hits in his home country and thanks to his song “Be Alright”, he expanded his chart success to the rest of the world. His songs and debut album went platinum and gold around the globe and the venues get bigger every month. Before performing at Rock Werchter, we chatted with Lewis in the backstage area.

Hi Dean, you’re currently 16.707 kilometers away from home. How is it to perform all your songs so far away from home?

Well, I was already in Belgium for a show three months ago and it was insane. It’s even probably the best show we’ve ever played, so I love to be in Belgium. Being away from home has been different, but I have my brother and band with me. It’s actually good fun.

It’s more like travelling with friends…

Exactly. I always want to be busy and do things, so I find it weird to do nothing.

You’re performing in a massive tent which fits 10.000 people. Do you get used to these big stages?

No, I’m just getting used to it now. I don’t want to crave attention all the time, just want to play songs and do well. It’s a role I had to kind of get used to, but I’m excited to do it. Yesterday, I had a big show at Lollapalooza in Sweden and I was a little bit nervous, but today I feel more relaxed.

It’s been three years since the release of your debut EP Same Kind Of Different. What has changed since the release?

Craziness! My song “Waves” opened so many doors, but it was “Be Alright”, which is by the way one year old today, that really kicked off things. My EP did a lot in Australia, but “Be Alright” became my first international hit. It’s been an amazing ride and I’m a bit blown away.

“Be Alright” is part of your debut album. What was the impact of A Place We Knew on yourself as an artist?

The album features songs I really believe in and wanted to put out in the world. I’m very proud of them, because I put a lot of time in it.

How would you define the recent success of your music?

I always knew “Be Alright” was a special song, but looking back at it now, it means a lot. In my experience, the songs I’ve written myself and meant the most, have done the best. The song is quite sad, but has also a lot of hope, which is kind of rare. The mix of both things maybe helped.


The song is about hope but also surrounding yourself with good people. How do you try to stay away from toxic relationships?

I guess I’m so happy right now. A lot is just happening and exciting, so I don’t really have time for relationships because I’m always away. That kind of makes it easier. When you start to get what you want in life and things start to work out, you just become calm and peaceful as a person.

You’ve already written a lot of songs. Do you have a special recipe you always stick to?

It’s usually the same. I start with just me and my guitar, come up with ideas and I’m basically still doing the same thing. The ideas for songs are always flowing, so that’s a good sign.

One of your biggest inspirations was Oasis. Since they split up, who would you rather work with if you had to choose between Noel and Liam?

Probably Noel Gallagher, because it would just never happen. He’s just so cool and it would be nice to be in the same room a whole day and work on music, but he’d never do it.

Are there any other acts that totally inspire you?

One of my all time favorites Bruce Springsteen and this new guy called LAUV. They’re so good!

Those are two very different artists, but how do you get all your inspirations in one song because you’re inspired by so many different genres?

My songs can sound very different. I sing in so many different styles, but I draw it together with my singing and lyrics. There are just so many things I want to make and so many songs I want to write.

Keep writing, because we love your stuff. Thanks a lot!

Photos by Maxim Meyer-Horn for Enfnts Terribles

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