9 Feb

Diesel Revealed to Be the Brain Behind Its Own ‘Deisel’ Knock off Boutique

Diesel (or should we now say ‘Deisel’?) is celebrating the power of imperfection in its latest campaign called ‘Go With The Flaw’. In a video directed by François Rousselet, they send out a very strong message about being ‘weird’ and how it’s not something you can/should hide. The campaign is a mantra to inspire people to accept their flaws. They’re even taking it a step further and telling people to wear their imperfections with pride and use them as something positive. We can’t do anything but love the message!


In the latest episode of the Go With The Flaw campaign, the brand has done the unthinkable. It launched a knock off label called ‘Deisel‘ that has been sold on Canal street in New York for the last couple of days. Reactions to the questionable knock-off boutique were actually hilarious, as you can see in the video on top of this article. The  funniest thing about this all is probably that the Deisel customers bought some super exclusive and one of a kind garments, designed and produced by the design team of Diesel. These pieces could be worth a lot and are probably becoming true collector items soon.

Today, the Italian brand revealed the truth about the sketchy shop. Until today, nobody knew about this. It’s Diesel’s way of telling people to wear whatever they want. Even if it’s fake. Although we don’t fully agree with this (we still can’t support fakes/knock offs), we do think it’s a brilliant way to convey that message. We also just love the Deisel collection and would LOVE to own one of the items. The fit of those jeans looks so good!

If you weren’t one of the lucky Deisel customers, you can still try to cop a piece at the Diesel store on 419 Broadway. Leftovers from the Deisel Boutique will be sold there for the next 3 days, during New York fashion week. If you can’t make it to New York, you can also go to Diesel’s site where the collection will be sold from the 13th of February. But you’ll have to be quick as there will only be a very limited amount of pieces.

Photo credits: Diesel


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