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6 Apr

Denis Coleman Takes Us Behind the Scenes of The Music Video for ‘Healing the Process’

Denis Coleman is pop music’s new prince and will embark on an impressive UK tour as a support act of Little Mix starting next week. This upcoming tour is the next important step in his career and is the ideal setting to introduce his new music. His latest single, “Healing The Process”, sees him getting even more personal. And it also has a music video that reflects his artistic identity with a very punky Y2K-feel to it. Denis Coleman gave us some more insights on “Healing The Process” and the accompanying music video by sharing some exclusive behind-the-scenes.

The inspiration behind the track

“The inspiration for ‘Healing the Process’ was a general sense of unease that had been rising since Covid appeared and social media took over everything. As I started to be more critical, curious, and introspective about the role of social media in my life, I came to a few concerning conclusions. Pretty quickly, it became clear that I was micro-dosing dopamine in a way that was very much counter-productive and leading to what was essentially a mini addiction to the validation I received from my phone. And there was no way to change that.”

“Not only was it impractical to detox off social media, but I had very little desire or commitment to actually do it, despite the rational part of my brain being vaguely aware something was off. I tried to capture the frustration and uncertainty of being in this situation in ‘Healing the Process’, half as a call to action and half as an honest, nihilistic acceptance that these pitfalls are an unchangeable part of my identity—and that of the majority of my generation.”

The inspiration behind the video

“The ‘Healing the Process’ music video chronicles a surreal visit to a therapist (doctor and patient played by me). The video both examines the warring forces within the psyche and represents the complexities of mental health. Gradually, the video moves towards chaos—a brainwashed patient grows increasingly manic, a therapist is perplexed, and a third character performs the track, paying homage to the grunge and pop-punk bands that graced MTV over the years—all while being watched by and reflected in dozens of television screens.”

The day itself

“The shoot was a dream! Every shot came out nearly exactly as I had pictured it, and it was such fun and an honor to work with some of the most talented people I’ve ever met. Suz Walsh (the stylist) had retrieved an incredible mid-’70s Vivienne Westwood piece from Vivienne’s boutique ‘SEX’, and Roisino’s genius art direction helped elevate and ground the world we wanted to create. Eden’s cinematography, Jay and Minnie’s musicianship, and so many others’ iconic contributions helped to make the vision a reality. So that by the time the word ‘cut’ rang out through the bleach-white cove, we knew we had something special.”

The reception of the video

“I’ve been blown away by the video’s reception so far! The fans have been the absolute stars they always are and blown it up to tens of thousands of views within the first week of release. So many people have messaged me telling me how they connected with it or offering their interpretations of the meaning, which is always a goal of mine when writing videos. Wonderland describing the video as like, ‘a short-film in itself’ was the cherry on top, as ‘cinematic’ may be my favorite adjective for describing what direction I would like my videos to head in …”

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