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Dior Lady Art: Meet Our 5 Favorites

After a successful first edition, Dior relaunched its Lady Art project. Ten artists from all around the world, with different backgrounds, got the chance to create their own version of the famous Dior Lady bag. This iconic purse first saw the daylight in 1995 in Dior’s workshops. It gained international recognition after Princess Diana wore it during a visit to Paris one year later. It has been one of the Maison’s classics ever since.

In total twenty-two different versions were created by ten artists, we made a selection of our five favorite ones. If you were thinking about buying us a Christmas gift (you never know…), here’s what we’d like to put on our list.

1. Lee Bul

Seoul-based Lee Bul is a contemporary sculpture and installation artist who’s career took off in the 80’s. With her work she dares to question the patriarchy and the limits imposed to women through the revelation of dogmas that control our society. Since she has worked with Dior in the past (her works are presented at the shops in Seoul, Los Angeles and London), Lee Bul dared to push herself to the limit for her Lady Dior bag. It took around 60 trials to make this treasure look exactly as she wanted, like one big shattered mirror.

2. David Wiseman

From South-Korea we go back to the States with this Lady Dior bag, created by David Wiseman. He’s a Los Angeles-based designer and artist who put his stamp on the world with his complex craftsmanship and personal version of the more traditional decorative arts. Also Wiseman worked with Dior before. He sculpted 500 handmade porcelain lilly-of-the-valley blossoms for the ceiling of the flagship store in Shanghai. Also, he decorated the ceilings of the stores in New York and Tokyo. Same as in his artwork, he reinvented the classics for his version of Lady Dior. This medium grey bag got a floral makeover and a special lilly-of-the-valley charm made of porcelain and brass.

3. Jamilla Okubo

Jamilla Okubo is a Kenyan-American artist and textile designer who just graduated from Parsons School of Design in New York. What makes Okubo unique are her colorful illustrations that are heavily influenced by her African roots and an appreciation of black culture. Amongst all designers chosen by Dior, she’s the youngest one. For this small Lady Dior bag she mixed Kenyan-style beadwork with Parisian-inspired crystals.

4. Jack Pierson

Jack Pierson works with different mediums to spread his creative vision. He’s  famous for his photos, word sculptures, installations and drawings. Pierson analyzes the emotional undercurrents of the mundane, from intimate, romantic attachments to the distant glorification of others. The design of his Lady Dior bag is based on drawings he completed while staying in Paris. Our favorite is this vintage, classic version he created with gold and silver threads, the perfect urban night bag.

5. Spencer Sweeney

Last but not least we have Spencer Sweeney. This New Yorker has done more things in one career than most people can complete in two lifetimes. He’s a visual artist, DJ, club-owner, musician and used to be a key player in the New York art scene during the 90’s. For his Lady Dior bags he got out the paint and we’ve chosen the large one with the leering eye as our favorite. Unlike the other creations, the Sweeney ones have an unmade look & feel. Like the owner of the Lady Dior is still part of an artistic process.

Photo credits: Dior, Fireplace Chats, Alturas Foundation, Aadat, Visionaire, Artspace.com


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