The paradox of life


Do You Recognize Yourself in These 5 Paradoxes of Life?

At some point everyone realizes that life is full of funny and less funny surprises. We, the human being, always try to control things as much as possible. What we tend to forget is that our lives are filled with paradoxes. Once we’re aware of that, it becomes easier to let things just happen. Partly, we’re the masters of our own destiny but we simply can’t be on top of everything.

Now… What exactly is a paradox? It’s a statement that is seemingly contradictory or opposed to common sense and is yet perhaps true.

If you still have no clue of what we’re talking about… Maybe you will clearly recognize yourself in one of these paradoxical statements:
– You like change and you like routine
– You want to live somewhere else but there’s no place like home
– You have a lot of confidence and you’re constantly in doubt
– You like to connect and to be disconnected
– You like to be alone and hate to feel lonely

Still no clue? Let’s have a look at these 5 well-known paradoxes everyone gets do deal with even though you might not fully realize it.

1. The more something frightens you, the more you should face it

With this one it’s important not to misunderstand the message. It has nothing to do with seeking danger. Sometimes small, simple things in life can frighten us. Like calling a friend you just had a huge fight with or asking that cute guy / girl out on a date. You definitely don’t have to rush into things but standing along the sideline won’t bring you nowhere. Sometimes you need to face your fears in order to move forward.

The paradox of life

2. The more you can’t trust, the more you can’t be trusted

If you have serious trust issues, this is probably your clue to sink into self-reflection. A lot of frustrations we have towards the outside world, come essentially from te inside. So when you often have a hard time putting faith in someone or in a situation, it’s probably because you’re not always that honest yourself. Just think about it.

3. The more often you fail, the more chance you have to succeed in the end

Many successful people faced some setbacks along the road. How come they still succeeded in building a career? Because if you see the failures as learnings, it will only help to reach your goal. Never forget that the best ideas often come from frustrations. So if you’re disappointed in someone, about something… dust yourself off and try again.

4. The more available something / someone is, the less you’ll want it

Sometimes you want something so badly that you loose interest from the moment it’s in front of you. Or like the famous saying goes “The chase is better than the catch”. However, if you cope with this situation too often it’s probably about time to manage your own expectations.

5. The only certainty you have in life is that nothing is ever certain

The bottom line is “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you gonna get” (Thanks Forrest Gump).

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The paradox of life

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