Doing is the new thinking


Doing is the new Thinking

In terms of human evolution, we’re smarter than ever before. We left the thought that the earth is flat behind us, same with some other ancient philosophies. New information is just one Google click away. Even though life on this planet still isn’t exactly what it has to be, people know more than their ancestors. In many countries, having a bachelor or even a master degree is key. When this doesn’t work out, it’s appropriate to go to school till you’re at least 18.

“Je pense donc je suis (I think so I am – René Descartes, 1637)”

Unfortunately there are always two fates to everything. As explained in our “how to remain calm in an overexposed society” article, we get easily overwhelmed. The percentage of time we spend thinking just exceeds what we actually do. This manifests itself in many different ways and on various levels. The enormous amount of information reaching our minds, creates new thoughts. Sure, we can handle a lot but at some point it just gets too much. The result: we have no idea where to start so we remain in a vicious twilight zone.

Doing is the new thinking

There’s light in the tunnel

Knowledge is essential. However, a daily explosion of trivial information and thoughts will only distract you from your goals. On top, it makes you damn tired. If this all sounds familiar, please continue reading.

The first step to doing is the new thinking: focus and get rid of all the useless thoughts that keep you occupied. If it doesn’t work: lock yourself up in a silent room, go for a walk, plan a relaxing holiday or take yoga classes.

Once you’ve emptied your mind, ask yourself these questions. Where do you see yourself in the future? Where will you live? What will you be doing? It’s doesn’t only have to involve a career. If you rather see yourself having a great relationship and a big family, that’s fine too. Or you can focus on both the personal and the professional part. It’s very important that you have a clear vision so no distractions. You can even write it down afterwards if this gives you a comfortable feeling.

When this is set, you can start focussing and making moves towards the right direction. Life is an amalgamation of acts and there are mistakes that need to be made. But the sooner you have a vision of what you want and who you want to be, the easier it becomes to get there.

Doing is the new thinking

The little things

Doing is the new thinking doesn’t only apply to the big life events. Also in your daily life you can start eliminating thoughts by simple actions. Just a very basic example: for two weeks you’ve been stressing about a bunch of paperwork that needs to be done. Instead of doing this right away, you avoid the task and it keeps popping up in your mind till it’s too late and you’re in trouble… again. Then it even takes more time to fix things. Or you want to go on a diet but instead of heading to the gym after work, you go home. And you spend the entire evening on the couch, being angry at yourself.

The answer: just do it.

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