Dominique Schmitz and Painter Vic Jobé Talk About Art and Their Bold Beginnings

Every success story starts with a vision that gives the creator the drive to achieve the impossible. In collaboration with Bulldog, we portrayed the gin brand’s four Belgian ambassadors with four upcoming creatives to have a heart-to-heart chat about their bold beginnings. Today, we introduce you to dancer, photographer, and designer Dominique Schmitz and painter Vic Jobé.

What have you been up to in the past weeks?

Dominique: I was in Paris to work and was able to join some party as things were opening again. Work and party.

Vic: It was a bit calmer in my case because I stayed in Liège. It was nice to reconnect with people, enjoy some fresh air and go to a restaurant.

As creatives, how have you experienced the lockdown on a creative level?

Dominique: During the first lockdown, I took the time to reflect on different perspectives and doors that could be opened in the future. I just missed sharing it all with other people. Since I often perform as a dancer in front of live audiences, that wasn’t possible, so I tried to improve my photography. I could focus on new creative aspects, so in the end, it was quite okay.

Is there a new passion you’ve discovered?

Dominique: Recently, I started to explore acting and got cast for a job where I need to act. It was new for me, and even when I wasn’t convinced, everything went well. I don’t know if it’s really a new passion, but it certainly is a discovery that I’m attracted to.

Vic: In my case, it was quite calm especially because exhibitions were postponed. It wasn’t easy because it felt like we were blocked in times where we’d like to advance on the creative side. Since exhibitions couldn’t go ahead, we stood on standby. I missed the part of sharing my art with an audience too. I had to refine myself and focused on personalized projects for people. I didn’t feel inspired all
the time because I need to go out there and talk to people to create.

Have you discovered new ways to share your art?

Vic: I concentrated on my socials because it’s an easy and approachable way to get your work out there, and it certainly helped me to get orders. Like Dominique and I just discussed in the car, you don’t have any personal contact with the client, which is a bit weird but also allows you to question your art in general. I started to dive into creating sculptures and other art forms that are new to me.

Where does your love for art come from?

Vic: My mother studied painting, and my grandmother always did it too, so I always had a pencil in my hand since I was little. It has always been a passion, but it was also quite logical in my life.

Dominique: My family is very into music, and they all play an instrument, which is something I can’t but want to learn. There’s always been interest in art in my family, but since we’re a big family, everybody has their references, and we enrich each other by showing each other new things. I have always danced to Michael Jackson and tried to copy his dances. When growing up, dancing became my hobby. It wasn’t a specific choice, but it just happened. Just like Vic said, it was logical and has always been important in my life.

What inspires you to be an artist? Is it personal things or your imagination?

Vic: I can’t work without music and try to visualize the moods of the songs in my art. I translate the music into colors or movements. Besides that, I love to travel and love to talk to other creatives because it can lead to new artistic directions. The same goes for good movies.

Dominique: His answer resonates with me because music is a big source of inspiration for me. I’ve also watched plenty of movies and commercials because there’s so much creativity behind these subtle messages. It may sound cliché, but nature and travel always fulfill me with new ideas and energy. I just spent two weeks in Paris, and it felt like I was there for six months. Many things boost my creativity, but it’s influenced by the people I surround myself with and my background.

If you could give a piece of advice to someone who wants to have a bold beginning, what would you say?

Vic: You need a lot of patience. If I just look at myself, there’s no need to be stressed because there’s an annual moment where you start to question your drive and passion. You need to get over that hill and try to advance by believing in yourself, which is something I sometimes struggle to do.

Dominique: That’s exactly what I wanted to say as well because I could give great advice, which doesn’t mean I follow it myself. I also want to add that it’s super important to be and remain as authentic as possible. I don’t specifically know what it means to be yourself, but that’s a process everybody goes through. As an artist, I want to keep evolving and need to be confident in my passion, which is not always easy.

Dominique is wearing a three piece set from Sf1og with Reebok shoes. Vic is wearing a two piece set from Arte, with a Dickies T-shirt and adidas sneakers.

Photography and video direction by Matias Batallé
Production and art direction by ENFNTS TERRIBLES StudioDries Vriesacker
Styling by Kate Housh
Makeup and hair by Emma Catry
Production assistantIsa De Boeck
Styling assistants: Lyncia Froidmont, Lauryn Vanhaverbeke, Iman Majid
Makeup assistant: Sarah Carlier
directorAitana Del Sol

Interview by Maxim Meyer-Horn

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