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Drake Wows The Audience At The Boy Meets World Tour

Almost 3 years ago, I went to a Drake concert in Brussels. And I didn’t go to see Drake but to see his, meanwhile famous, opening act The Weeknd. I was, and still am, a very big fan of that last one (By the way, The Weeknd is also coming this week, so watch out for a concert review on Saturday, March 4). But ever since that concert, my love for Drake started growing. I was impressed by his performance and his connection with his fans. Ever since his latest album ‘Views’ dropped, his success has been out of this world. I don’t need to remind you of how his music video for Hotline Bling was turned into a meme on the internet, with his funny dance moves.

And the hit-singles just didn’t stop coming, with Controlla, Too Good featuring Rihanna, Fake Love and of course One Dance. Drake undeniably blew up BIG time last year. To celebrate all of this, he went off on the Boy Meets World Tour to literally meet his fans all over the world. And he’s doing it right. Selling out Belgium’s biggest arena twice is pretty big if you ask me. Obviously, I was there on February 28 in Antwerp, Belgium to dance my ass off- I mean to review his concert.

Fascinating visuals

When we were taking our seats, the first thing my friend said was: “What are those balloons on the ceiling?”. We would soon discover when they started descending and hovered just over the heads of the standing audience. Throughout the whole concert, they formed the craziest shapes and floated around the whole arena. It was truly breathtaking at some moments.

But he didn’t only bring small dancing balloons, no no. He brought a GI-FUCKING-GANTIC balloon, on a little stage in the middle of the venue, on which he projected visuals of the sun or the moon. With the occasional explosion and fireworks, the lighting and everything else, it was a magical visual spectacle. Well, fucking done.

Drake loves you and appreciates you

The thing what struck me most is Drake’s connection with his fans. At a certain time in the show, he started looking around and pointing at fans “I see you, rocking that OVO merch! And you, I see you flashing with your phone!”. He made sure to tell them how much he loves Antwerp and how crazy the audience is in Belgium. I’m not sure if he says this at every concert, but he made it very believable.

Most of all, he’s an amazing motivational speaker. For example, he managed to get 18.000 middle fingers in the air. “This middle finger is for the people in your life that don’t wanna see you get where you’re trying to go. That don’t wanna see you happy, healthy, successful.“. Then Fake Love starts playing and the whole crowd immediately started shouting along “I got fake people showing fake love to me, straight up to my face“. And according to Drake, there was NO Fake Love at all in Antwerp that night.

But he went even deeper. “We’re at a point in this world where, when we wake up and turn on the TV, they like to try to tell us how the world works. People trying to tear us apart, people trying to turn us against each other. And you know what’s funny about that? I look around the room in Antwerp tonight, and I see people from all races, all places, and all we do is show love, having a good time and enjoying ourselves.” And that’s when I had goosebumps. The crowd went absolutely nuts.

He’s got too many hits

The funny thing is, Drake has too many great hits to put them all on the show. So instead of making choices and leaving some of them out, he just cut them short and put them in shorter versions or medleys. I have to admit, this was disappointing at times. But it’s better to hear ALL of them. I also noticed how many songs he did with Rihanna, as he put Work, Too Good and Take Care all right after each other. With some twerking backup dancers of course.

The show was great, but the only thing we didn’t hear enough was Drake’s voice. During almost all songs, the record was playing in the background. And don’t get me wrong, he proved what an amazing voice he actually has, and it’s fucking ON POINT. And that’s why it’s a pity that he didn’t use it that much.

In conclusion, I had a fucking amazing time. Drake is an incredible performer and he stunned everyone with his show. The visuals, the music, the speeches, the crowd… It’s a shame he didn’t use his voice that much, but I totally forgive him because he made Antwerp turn the fuck up. And he’s proven that his voice is actually pretty great.

Photo credits: Lorenzeo Veppi for ENFNTS TERRIBLES

Drake Boy Meets World tour

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