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2 Jun

Dua Lipa Threw an Album Listening Party in London and We Were There

Dua Lipa is finally dropping her very first album today. The album was first planned to release in September, last year. That release date was later pushed back to February. It obviously didn’t make that release date either. But it is – finally – here now! Yesterday, Youtube already threw an exclusive pre-listening party in London… Enfnts Terribles was there to get an exclusive first view on Dua Lipa’s self titled debut album.

The Party

Alongside Dua’s parents and sister, the fans and a limited amount of journalists heard the album for the first time. Hit singles “Hotter Than Hell”, “Be The One” and “Lost In Your Light” ft. Miguel were expected and the smal crowd sang along loudly. But there also were a lot of new songs and I can assure you: they are very promising. Dua Lipa is going to be big!

The Album

Dua’s name literally means “love” in Albanian, hence her roots. And love is what most of the album is about. Homesick for example is a beautiful balade about missing someone. It’s a collaboration with Chris Martin from Coldplay. Her voice, his voice, those lyrics… A match made in heaven.

On the other hand, if you’re done with the sad part of love, there is IDGAF. It is the perfect song if you are trying to get over someone. But my absolute favorite was Dreams. It is the ideal jam for a hot summer night. When you hear it, it’s impossible to not dance and sing along. But to be honest, the complete album is very sing-along-able.

After listening to the album, Dua took the time to take a photo with every single one of her fans at the Youtube Space in London. She really is the sweetest and she should be very proud of her first musical baby. The album was definitely worth the wait.

Photo credits: Amélie Outters for ENFNTS TERRIBLES


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