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4 Sep

Dua Lipa Announces New Music at #ThePace in Amsterdam

Global superstar Dua Lipa made an announcement today: we can expect new music on October 19th! One of the new bops, “Want To”, was revealed yesterday at a secret gig in Amsterdam. The British pop singer teamed up with Jaguar for it and you can be a part of the song too… How? Find out below.

Supermodels, musicians and influencers from all over the world gathered at SugarCity for an exclusive gig of multi-hit singer Dua Lipa. First came Grace Carter, another very promising young artist from London. The air of the venue filled with energy and it was obvious that great music was the main ingredient of the night. Dua Lipa started out her set with “Blow Your Mind” in a Balmain dress that blew our mind. The dazzling fabric, the eighties shoulders and the way it hugged her thighs… Absolutely wonderful.

Dua Lipa at #ThePace in Amsterdam

“Want To”

New Rules, Be The One, One Kiss, IDGAF, … Dua Lipa threw around with hits like confetti. However, one song stood out. “Want To” is a high tech collaboration with Jaguar. Over a million different remixes of the song are possible, created by personal data – the way you drive, the songs you listen to on Spotify, or the way you tap a rhythm. Dua performed her personal remix, which is based on her driving techniques.

Make your own remix right here! Make sure to share it and tag us, because we’re very curious to hear your creations!


One tweet is all it takes! Dua Lipa unveiled a new super deluxe edition of her debut album. It’s out October 19th and is called “The Complete Edition”. It contains 2 disks. The first is the album like we already know it, the second contains 3 brand new songs. “Running” – which is not new for Dua’s day 1 fans, because Dua used to perform it at the beginning of her career. “Kiss And Make Up” – a collaboration with K-pop girl group BLACKPOP. And “Electricity” – which will be out this Thursday!

Dua Lipa #ThePace #Jaguar

Photos by Amélie Outters for Enfnts Terribles

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